Friday, October 14, 2011

Life and Love

Some days of this Mama-hood are long and weary.  So much said over and over, discipline for the same things over and over.  The repetitive-ness, time outs, tear stained cheeks, shushing, running to catch, "let-me-outs", all again and again and again since we made the beds.  And then, then I am reminded, ever so gently and brought to thankful, so overwhelmed, of these handsful.... of this life we have.

This work that I have.  To mold and shape my boy so that one day he will be a good man, a man that loves well and lives well.  Striving to be a godly example to him and falling short....daily.  Showing him that my Abba-Father is working on me...still.  I have to ask for forgiveness too, for being short-tempered, not loving, not patient, not kind, not gentle.

His sweet little body curling up to mine.  "Mama, lay with me for naps", "you want to hold me?", sharp elbows, warm blond head, sweet voice....climbing up on me, hugs and kisses all is well and forgotten. Time to play, create, explore, learn, listen and take this life that we live in.

Mama-hood is hard work, weary work, glorious work, heart-full work.

We are blessed, with handsful of life and handsful of love.