Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas

Dec 23 already...my, my where does the time go? Hubby and I are heading to his parents house for a couple of days...my house is CLEAN...I wore myself out yesterday making sure everything was spic & span before we leave for the lil' holiday. Austin got a bath and Elliot is heading to the sink for his bath, right after I return from running some quick errands. I had an OB appointment this morning, everything is looking great, her heartbeat is quick and strong...155..my blood pressure was great and I did not gain any weight in the last 4 weeks. So, that brings me to a total of 8pds gained so far....I only have 15 weeks and a couple of days left....which in and of itself freaks me out...excites me....and overwhelms me...I can't wait to meet my girl! So my next appointment is to drink the sugar water and have my blood taken...then two weeks after that the BIG Ultrasound ...we need to confirm that this girl is growing good and she is in fact a girl! Then it is an appointment every two weeks after that....this is flying by.

My first babywearing wrap came in, a Baby K'tan, I put Elliot in it to test it out ya know and he loved it...I will have to take a picture next time and post it...funny lil' dog....I guess I can practice around the house with him....I also ordered a Cherry Bomb from Nonny & Boo, picked up my first of many cloth diapers...I am going to try out the Fuzzy Bunz and Bum Genius 3.0 (the One Size and the S, M,L size)....I figure that I will figure it out as I go....we will see which one works better. I also have most of the nursery stuff bought...just want to make sure there is a girl in there before we start decorating...otherwise eBay here I come....I can't wait to get it all together.

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year's Eve (I think that I will be sleeping...imagine that)!

Peace and Joy to you and yours!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Something Absolutely New

I just looked in my sidebar...17 weeks to go...I-AM-SO-EXCITED...17 weeks is not that long, that's only 4 months and a week.....oh my, oh my...and then my sweet baby girl that I have been waiting on and praying for, for FOREVER will be here. 17 weeks...just makes my eyes fill up with tears. I can feel her...moving around in there...bumps and flops...sometimes feels like I have swallowed a fish and it is just swimming round in there. My, my...and we are starting to have a little sprinkling of baby stuff around here...stuff for THE GIRL!
And of course I have to share....
This is the wonderful butterfly mobile that I found on Ebay...it's hanging in the corner of the dining room, I can't wait to see it in her room.
A sweet Flower Baby that my friend Stephanie made...

A spring dress for the girl...on sale for almost nothing at Ross
Another little dress....
Two pair of shoes....I am loving the silver Converse One Star!!!!
And me....23 weeks down...17 to go. I'm thinking I should take a picture in the morning, I seem to grow through out the day. I am living in American Eagle sweatpants....they are wonderful, soft, warm...and fit just right (with a Bella band of course).

I am so excited, here we are...here we are...the girl is on her way...I have a folder on my desktop with HER name on it....and a "baby stuff" bookmark in my favorites that is getting way too long....and a heart that is just filling up, stretching out and over-flowing with love for my GIRL!

I don't need anything for Christmas...I have it already...This...this welcome to mommyhood... this change going on in me is the best gift God could have ever brought Mr. Wonderful and I!

This quote...." The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new." ~Rajneesh
I love that I am becoming "something absolutely new"!

Peace and Joy!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas is up!

Well, my meager Christmas decorations are done. We did not put up the big tree with all it's wonderful lights this year. Just too much that has to be done to make that happen. The dresser in the guest room would have to be moved to make space for the desk that is in the dining room. The desk has to be moved to make room for the smaller couch that is in the living room and the couch would have to be moved to make room for the ginormous tree. After we went to the storage room and pulled the Christmas boxes and crates out, Mr. Wonderful, who would love to have the big tree out said, "why don't we just move the black chair and put the big tree in the corner?" Once I explained that our tree in all her twinkling lights and Christmas glory would not fit in the corner and what would have to be moved in order to give her room...the moving that he would have to do mostly by himself...cause ya know I can't move heavy furniture....he quickly changed his mind. So, here are the decorations....
First, my lovely door wreath...I wanted to do a "winter" wreath instead of a purely Christmas one, so I can use it for the rest of the winter.
The little stars have been sitting patiently in my craft box since...well I think 1997 or something like that. They were from a little project that I did with a pre-school class that I taught. They were just plain dough baked stars and the K is a little wooden one that I bought at the craft store. A little silver paint...and a wreath is born.

Since we opted not to move all the furniture...I bought another small tree and decorated it to match some glass birds that I bought at Target. The tree, birds and a couple of pine cones were perfect for the fabulous hand painted bird on a branch table runner I bought from Kimba at her Etsy shop.
Here is another view of the table...don't mind the stack of gifts that are waiting to be wrapped...and hey did you notice? I have my K's up!

And then there is the mantle..and I know a fabulous larger than life garland is just begging to make it's home there...this mantle is just too perfect to not have a garland. But funds are limited this year and well....I did not have the mother-load of garland and garlandy stuff just sitting around the house...so I will have to make one next year..So here it is, my mantle, I can't do a close up...the dang thing is too long, but...I do have the second mini tree, my Christmas tree star-topper collection, a nativity and the Christmas angel (that is usually looking out over the room from her regular place, on top of the tree).

And not to be left out...last but not least....
A little iron tree, my ornament tree for this year. There was no way that I was going to keep all these packed away for another whole year...so I found this tree 50% off at Kohls and there ya go.

I guess I am a little sad that the big tree is not up and out this year. But, I am glad to not hassle with it. The work of moving the furniture around the house, getting the tree up and all the lights working and then not having that extra sitting room in the living room...the month that we need it the most...some times it can be good not to put up the big tree.

Hope you are having a wonderful couple of weeks before Christmas!

Peace and Joy!

Friday, December 5, 2008

In Preperation...

This is my Elliot...
he will be 8 this March...He was a gift from my sister...I told her I didn't want a dog, that my lifestyle was not conducive to a dog, reminded her that I lived on the 3rd floor of an apartment building and worked 8 to 12 hours a day and then went out...not a girl-needs-a-pet-to-care-for lifestyle. She grinned at me and put his little fur ball self in my hands (he was tiny) and stated that I needed something to love that would love me back (I was a newly divorced) and that if I did not love him in a week to bring him back. That was May 2001....I LOVE him. Elliot is my fur-baby, cuddle-bug and I LOVE him...I know I already said that but tis true. He understands me and for the most part I him. Walking through 5 years of infertility, 2 deployments, overseas moves, days when I wanted nothing more but to stay in bed and shut the world away....Elliot has been there...curled at my side, sleeping on my lap, licking my arm, sneezing and snorting at me. He alerts me to danger, travels the world on my lap and has given me love....there is something about that dog.
In finding out that we were pregnant, Elliot found out too...I don't know how, he just knows. If I move from the chair to the couch he gets up and moves with me, if I go to the kitchen to get water he walks with me..down the hall to the bathroom he sits in the hallway and waits. Elliot knows and has become even more protective of me.
All that wonderfulness wrapped up in a little fur-baby...who has now apparently decided that he needs to prepare me for this baby...for the past couple night he has woken up (or rather woken me up) with sneezes and snorts (his way of communicating) to let me know he has to go outside....at 145am, 330am and 500am....geezzzz....the first time I got up and let him out, waited by the back door...baby it's cold outside...and let him back in...taking my tired, I-can't-seem-to get-comfortable self back to bed. The 2nd time the first night I put him out the bedroom door and closed it...telling him NO and proceeded to go back to sleep. In the morning Mr. Wonderful found a little present near the front door...not a nice present and no one wants to clean that stuff up first thing in the morning or anytime for that matter. So, the next night I got up each time and let him out and then let him in and then let him out and then let him in...you get the picture. It has been too cold outside for him to just stay out otherwise he would...and the next night and the next and last night...this has to stop!
So, I am being prepared I guess....cause when this baby comes....the sleepless nights, feedings, diaper changes...yes I know.
I just hope he is not getting sick or something...that this a a weird phase. Austin (our Brittney pup) is sleeping inside too, in his kennel...maybe Elliot knows he has free reign in the backyard, no Austin to bug him? Mr. Wonderful said to cut out his food by noon and no water after 8pm...thinking that will help...I don't know...
I guess we will find out....

Monday, December 1, 2008

Just breathe...please

Well, I've been smacked down with a major breathing problem...my nose is completely stuffed and I mean stuffed..I don't think I have EVER had a "cold" or whatever this is...this bad. I read up on the pregnancy stuffiness and well I have it BIG time. And now not to be undone, my lungs have decided they want to play "lets get sick" and I am now developing a nasty cough...to which my hubby looks at me in alarm and states " you're okay right? is sweet potato going to get sick?" Yep, I'm okay, just want to breathe here...
~Box of tissue...check...oh hold on it's empty...and I just bought it on Saturday...back to CVS
~Humidifier...check...but I have to carry it from the living room to the bedroom when it is time for bed..I hope it is really helping
~Getting sleep...hmmmm..not checked...I have to sleep propped up but on my side, then my hip hurts so I change to the left side (after a trip to the bathroom) and then my nose starts to drain...so I lie there with a tissue clutched in my hand, trying to sleep..trying to concentrate on not dropping the tissue..and then I can't breathe...
~Trips to CVS (and spending way over my budget for the month on CVS stuff) with approved medication list from my OB clutched tightly in hand...hoping to find something that will cure this misery.....check....but cure...ya...uhmmm....not checked
~Sitting for moments... that I probably would be doing something else like preparing for Christmas and all the craziness that this month can bring if I let it....to breathe because that is what I need...a little quiet...a little introspection on the miracle happening inside me....ummm...check

That has been my life for the last couple of days with a few highlights in between....
I bought my girl her first pair of shoes...little silver One Star Converse crib shoes from Target! I could not resist and a girl can NEVER have enough shoes...I have a sneaky suspicion that she will have shoes, shoes, shoes and more shoes!

The Pottery Barn Kids Butterfly Mobile that I ordered on e-bay came in today! YAY!!! I LOVE IT! Hubby was even impressed! It is hanging in the dining room right now because the study is not anywhere near converted to a little baby girls room...and I want to enjoy it now...to bad I can't hang one in my room...haha...

Christmas is not up yet....I am behind apparently...but am okay with that...it's the breathing thing that has taken priority...but I do have my winter door mat out and while my fall wreath is still on the door, I do have the stuff to make my winter wreath...guess I might be getting on that tomorrow.

My parents are coming in tonight..in an hour give or take...I did not mean to be up this late...but the breathing thing again...and I am reading the Twilight books...way too easy read...I guess that is why they are "teen fiction" and way too easy to figure out what is going on...but they are entertaining.

Mr. Wonderful is feeling the girl move a little more often and the wonder-of-it-all that is in his face is PRICELESS...I am loving this process of making a human...thankful that God has given me a chance to be a Mama...

I hope you are having a wonderful first week of December...remember to breathe...in the hectic pace of all that is this month...take some time and just breathe.