Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas

Dec 23 already...my, my where does the time go? Hubby and I are heading to his parents house for a couple of days...my house is CLEAN...I wore myself out yesterday making sure everything was spic & span before we leave for the lil' holiday. Austin got a bath and Elliot is heading to the sink for his bath, right after I return from running some quick errands. I had an OB appointment this morning, everything is looking great, her heartbeat is quick and strong...155..my blood pressure was great and I did not gain any weight in the last 4 weeks. So, that brings me to a total of 8pds gained so far....I only have 15 weeks and a couple of days left....which in and of itself freaks me out...excites me....and overwhelms me...I can't wait to meet my girl! So my next appointment is to drink the sugar water and have my blood taken...then two weeks after that the BIG Ultrasound ...we need to confirm that this girl is growing good and she is in fact a girl! Then it is an appointment every two weeks after that....this is flying by.

My first babywearing wrap came in, a Baby K'tan, I put Elliot in it to test it out ya know and he loved it...I will have to take a picture next time and post it...funny lil' dog....I guess I can practice around the house with him....I also ordered a Cherry Bomb from Nonny & Boo, picked up my first of many cloth diapers...I am going to try out the Fuzzy Bunz and Bum Genius 3.0 (the One Size and the S, M,L size)....I figure that I will figure it out as I go....we will see which one works better. I also have most of the nursery stuff bought...just want to make sure there is a girl in there before we start decorating...otherwise eBay here I come....I can't wait to get it all together.

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year's Eve (I think that I will be sleeping...imagine that)!

Peace and Joy to you and yours!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Something Absolutely New

I just looked in my sidebar...17 weeks to go...I-AM-SO-EXCITED...17 weeks is not that long, that's only 4 months and a week.....oh my, oh my...and then my sweet baby girl that I have been waiting on and praying for, for FOREVER will be here. 17 weeks...just makes my eyes fill up with tears. I can feel her...moving around in there...bumps and flops...sometimes feels like I have swallowed a fish and it is just swimming round in there. My, my...and we are starting to have a little sprinkling of baby stuff around here...stuff for THE GIRL!
And of course I have to share....
This is the wonderful butterfly mobile that I found on Ebay...it's hanging in the corner of the dining room, I can't wait to see it in her room.
A sweet Flower Baby that my friend Stephanie made...

A spring dress for the girl...on sale for almost nothing at Ross
Another little dress....
Two pair of shoes....I am loving the silver Converse One Star!!!!
And me....23 weeks down...17 to go. I'm thinking I should take a picture in the morning, I seem to grow through out the day. I am living in American Eagle sweatpants....they are wonderful, soft, warm...and fit just right (with a Bella band of course).

I am so excited, here we are...here we are...the girl is on her way...I have a folder on my desktop with HER name on it....and a "baby stuff" bookmark in my favorites that is getting way too long....and a heart that is just filling up, stretching out and over-flowing with love for my GIRL!

I don't need anything for Christmas...I have it already...This...this welcome to mommyhood... this change going on in me is the best gift God could have ever brought Mr. Wonderful and I!

This quote...." The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new." ~Rajneesh
I love that I am becoming "something absolutely new"!

Peace and Joy!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas is up!

Well, my meager Christmas decorations are done. We did not put up the big tree with all it's wonderful lights this year. Just too much that has to be done to make that happen. The dresser in the guest room would have to be moved to make space for the desk that is in the dining room. The desk has to be moved to make room for the smaller couch that is in the living room and the couch would have to be moved to make room for the ginormous tree. After we went to the storage room and pulled the Christmas boxes and crates out, Mr. Wonderful, who would love to have the big tree out said, "why don't we just move the black chair and put the big tree in the corner?" Once I explained that our tree in all her twinkling lights and Christmas glory would not fit in the corner and what would have to be moved in order to give her room...the moving that he would have to do mostly by himself...cause ya know I can't move heavy furniture....he quickly changed his mind. So, here are the decorations....
First, my lovely door wreath...I wanted to do a "winter" wreath instead of a purely Christmas one, so I can use it for the rest of the winter.
The little stars have been sitting patiently in my craft box since...well I think 1997 or something like that. They were from a little project that I did with a pre-school class that I taught. They were just plain dough baked stars and the K is a little wooden one that I bought at the craft store. A little silver paint...and a wreath is born.

Since we opted not to move all the furniture...I bought another small tree and decorated it to match some glass birds that I bought at Target. The tree, birds and a couple of pine cones were perfect for the fabulous hand painted bird on a branch table runner I bought from Kimba at her Etsy shop.
Here is another view of the table...don't mind the stack of gifts that are waiting to be wrapped...and hey did you notice? I have my K's up!

And then there is the mantle..and I know a fabulous larger than life garland is just begging to make it's home there...this mantle is just too perfect to not have a garland. But funds are limited this year and well....I did not have the mother-load of garland and garlandy stuff just sitting around the house...so I will have to make one next year..So here it is, my mantle, I can't do a close up...the dang thing is too long, but...I do have the second mini tree, my Christmas tree star-topper collection, a nativity and the Christmas angel (that is usually looking out over the room from her regular place, on top of the tree).

And not to be left out...last but not least....
A little iron tree, my ornament tree for this year. There was no way that I was going to keep all these packed away for another whole year...so I found this tree 50% off at Kohls and there ya go.

I guess I am a little sad that the big tree is not up and out this year. But, I am glad to not hassle with it. The work of moving the furniture around the house, getting the tree up and all the lights working and then not having that extra sitting room in the living room...the month that we need it the most...some times it can be good not to put up the big tree.

Hope you are having a wonderful couple of weeks before Christmas!

Peace and Joy!

Friday, December 5, 2008

In Preperation...

This is my Elliot...
he will be 8 this March...He was a gift from my sister...I told her I didn't want a dog, that my lifestyle was not conducive to a dog, reminded her that I lived on the 3rd floor of an apartment building and worked 8 to 12 hours a day and then went out...not a girl-needs-a-pet-to-care-for lifestyle. She grinned at me and put his little fur ball self in my hands (he was tiny) and stated that I needed something to love that would love me back (I was a newly divorced) and that if I did not love him in a week to bring him back. That was May 2001....I LOVE him. Elliot is my fur-baby, cuddle-bug and I LOVE him...I know I already said that but tis true. He understands me and for the most part I him. Walking through 5 years of infertility, 2 deployments, overseas moves, days when I wanted nothing more but to stay in bed and shut the world away....Elliot has been there...curled at my side, sleeping on my lap, licking my arm, sneezing and snorting at me. He alerts me to danger, travels the world on my lap and has given me love....there is something about that dog.
In finding out that we were pregnant, Elliot found out too...I don't know how, he just knows. If I move from the chair to the couch he gets up and moves with me, if I go to the kitchen to get water he walks with me..down the hall to the bathroom he sits in the hallway and waits. Elliot knows and has become even more protective of me.
All that wonderfulness wrapped up in a little fur-baby...who has now apparently decided that he needs to prepare me for this baby...for the past couple night he has woken up (or rather woken me up) with sneezes and snorts (his way of communicating) to let me know he has to go outside....at 145am, 330am and 500am....geezzzz....the first time I got up and let him out, waited by the back door...baby it's cold outside...and let him back in...taking my tired, I-can't-seem-to get-comfortable self back to bed. The 2nd time the first night I put him out the bedroom door and closed it...telling him NO and proceeded to go back to sleep. In the morning Mr. Wonderful found a little present near the front door...not a nice present and no one wants to clean that stuff up first thing in the morning or anytime for that matter. So, the next night I got up each time and let him out and then let him in and then let him out and then let him in...you get the picture. It has been too cold outside for him to just stay out otherwise he would...and the next night and the next and last night...this has to stop!
So, I am being prepared I guess....cause when this baby comes....the sleepless nights, feedings, diaper changes...yes I know.
I just hope he is not getting sick or something...that this a a weird phase. Austin (our Brittney pup) is sleeping inside too, in his kennel...maybe Elliot knows he has free reign in the backyard, no Austin to bug him? Mr. Wonderful said to cut out his food by noon and no water after 8pm...thinking that will help...I don't know...
I guess we will find out....

Monday, December 1, 2008

Just breathe...please

Well, I've been smacked down with a major breathing problem...my nose is completely stuffed and I mean stuffed..I don't think I have EVER had a "cold" or whatever this is...this bad. I read up on the pregnancy stuffiness and well I have it BIG time. And now not to be undone, my lungs have decided they want to play "lets get sick" and I am now developing a nasty cough...to which my hubby looks at me in alarm and states " you're okay right? is sweet potato going to get sick?" Yep, I'm okay, just want to breathe here...
~Box of tissue...check...oh hold on it's empty...and I just bought it on Saturday...back to CVS
~Humidifier...check...but I have to carry it from the living room to the bedroom when it is time for bed..I hope it is really helping
~Getting sleep...hmmmm..not checked...I have to sleep propped up but on my side, then my hip hurts so I change to the left side (after a trip to the bathroom) and then my nose starts to drain...so I lie there with a tissue clutched in my hand, trying to sleep..trying to concentrate on not dropping the tissue..and then I can't breathe...
~Trips to CVS (and spending way over my budget for the month on CVS stuff) with approved medication list from my OB clutched tightly in hand...hoping to find something that will cure this misery.....check....but cure...ya...uhmmm....not checked
~Sitting for moments... that I probably would be doing something else like preparing for Christmas and all the craziness that this month can bring if I let it....to breathe because that is what I need...a little quiet...a little introspection on the miracle happening inside me....ummm...check

That has been my life for the last couple of days with a few highlights in between....
I bought my girl her first pair of shoes...little silver One Star Converse crib shoes from Target! I could not resist and a girl can NEVER have enough shoes...I have a sneaky suspicion that she will have shoes, shoes, shoes and more shoes!

The Pottery Barn Kids Butterfly Mobile that I ordered on e-bay came in today! YAY!!! I LOVE IT! Hubby was even impressed! It is hanging in the dining room right now because the study is not anywhere near converted to a little baby girls room...and I want to enjoy it now...to bad I can't hang one in my room...haha...

Christmas is not up yet....I am behind apparently...but am okay with that...it's the breathing thing that has taken priority...but I do have my winter door mat out and while my fall wreath is still on the door, I do have the stuff to make my winter wreath...guess I might be getting on that tomorrow.

My parents are coming in tonight..in an hour give or take...I did not mean to be up this late...but the breathing thing again...and I am reading the Twilight books...way too easy read...I guess that is why they are "teen fiction" and way too easy to figure out what is going on...but they are entertaining.

Mr. Wonderful is feeling the girl move a little more often and the wonder-of-it-all that is in his face is PRICELESS...I am loving this process of making a human...thankful that God has given me a chance to be a Mama...

I hope you are having a wonderful first week of December...remember to breathe...in the hectic pace of all that is this month...take some time and just breathe.


Saturday, November 29, 2008

The days after....

Hi Ya'll! I can hardly believe that Thanksgiving 08 is behind us...we are now 21 weeks pregnant and are 90% sure that we are having a GIRL!!!! I am beyond excited, I know that I would be excited either way but....I grew up in a large family with 7 sisters so...girls well...it just seems natural to me to have a girl first. Now if this little growing one turns out to be a boy...well I have always wanted a lil' boy too, so either way I am a winner!

Thanksgiving this year was mostly quiet, Mr. Wonderfuls' parents came down and we all headed over to a friends house to celebrate the day with her and her extended family and freinds...YAY...I did not have to cook...I did make a casserole dish but that was it! And my in-laws came bearing gifts of Thanksgiving foods so the fridge is full and we are enjoying "leftovers" here in Paradise for the next week...and for that I am very grateful as I am dealing with a nasty head cold and would rather not cook anything if possible.

So....Christmas is here....at least it is starting to make it's appearance here in Paradise. New trimmings are waiting for the door wreath, a small tree has been purchased for my favorite ornaments and I am waiting on Mr. Wonderful to come home from a hunting morning so he can help me get the boxes out so I can get started. We are not putting the big tree up this year...at least I don't think we are....Mr. Wonderful seemed kinda sad that I was not planning on putting it up so..I'll let him decide...we just have to move furniture around and a lot of it I usually do and I can't this year...so rather than hassle with it I thought we would skip it...I guess we will see.

I hope you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving, I know we did...there is so very much to be grateful for...my heart gets overwhelmed with it all. If you drop by leave a note!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

almost halfway there....

Tomorrow is the day...the start of week 20! We are halfway there...only 20 more weeks and this growing little one will make his or her appearance. Mr. Wonderful is certain that we are having a girl....he is so sure of it, I think maybe he is saying that because he would love a boy and is setting himself up to not be disappointed...so in his head...for now...until we know (hopefully) on Tuesday...we are having a girl. Me, I don't know, part of me thinks this is a boy...but for the most I don't know. If it is a girl I will rest a little easy...because we have already agreed on a name, if it is boy... some more discussions will start because we have not (although Mr. W thinks that we have...but I don't want to "discuss" something that we may not have to) agreed on the name. Mr. W is an only child, he is a III and his parents expect and he has also wanted that we name our boy a IV, and while this is all well and good, and I like passing down a family name...I just don't want to call my son by that name, the short versions, the middle name, none of it....We have discussed naming him the IV and then calling him something completely different. Which in part I am okay with but what about when he is older, what about when he starts school, how will this work? I just don't know and am undecided....do you call your babies by a name different then their given name?

I had a hair appointment on Tuesday....I got bangs! and several inches cut....
I like it, I have not had bangs since the 10th grade and well I don't know if I will keep them but it is a nice change. I was thinking of going a little shorter with the long length and then a little more choppy with the bangs and on the sides....I don't know...my next appointment is a couple days before Christmas so I have some time to think about it all.

We find out TUESDAY!!! How I wish today was Tuesday....I so want to know that this baby is growing perfectly, that I am doing a good job. I just want to know that "everything is how it should be". Mr.Wonderful asked me last night if I am worrying because I think something is wrong...no I told him, just worrying...that's what mommy's do.

It is amazing how fast babies grow, this little one legs are about 4 inches long and the tiny sweet feet that I can't wait to kiss are 1 inch long....18 weeks from conception and dividing cells to legs 4 inches long and a perfectly formed baby! We read every Friday the changes that the baby has made and will make in the coming week...I love Fridays! Last week I was on the way to a friends baby shower and had some 80s music playing...this little one was just a moving and a grooving inside of me, I have never felt that much movement at one time for that length of time...and then of course after the punch and some cake...there was more movement. I can't wait to feel this growing one more and more....movements that tell me that everything is good and this baby is just a growing!

I hope you are having a great day! If you stopped by..leave me a comment...I would love to know who is reading!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fabulous Quilt Give Away

Dana at Old Red Barn Co.
is GIVING AWAY..yes giving these 3 fabulous quilts away to three lucky winners. I am in love with her quilts and when I didn't win at her last give away I went out and bought the identical fabric ...because I loved it so...to make my very own fabulous quilt...which I have yet to start and the stack of lovely fabric is still sitting on the corner of my desk....I've got to get started! So anywhooo go and visit Dana here.... www.oldredbarnco.blogspot.com or click on the link at the top right of my page and check her quilts out....and well if you must enter..I know I am doing EVERYTHING I can to get the most entries possible...hello baby needs a new fabulous beautiful quilt!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Sweet Sleep....where oh where are you?

Here we are week 18....the first week of the 5th month, I can hardly believe how fast this time is flying. This pregnancy so far has gone very well, no morning sickness, no really horrible headaches....the ones I had were allergy related...took me way to long to figure that out, weight gain so far steady and slow, no huge mood swings...so pretty well. And now...now...I am having the worse time sleeping, aside from waking 3 or more times a night to pee...and I know that is just going to increase...I cannot seem to get comfortable for the life of me. Here I am finally comfortable (or mostly) and am sure Mr. Wonderful is screaming (in his head) for me to stop moving around...and then I have to get up and pee AGAIN. Of course the whole cycle starts all over again. This morning I went and bought a Boppy Total Body Pillow at Target....I can't wait to try this pillow tonight...I hope it works...I hope sweet sleep while not leave me stranded...waiting, tossing and turning...I'll let you know how it all works out.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Day After...

Here we are, new president in the wings....I am proud to be an American, proud of my country, proud of my freedoms! I didn't vote for the president elect....I am however interested to see how he does, what he does and how the American people will respond. I have always been proud to be an American and living in a foreign country from 2005-2007 made me even more American in my heart. Being a Air Force spouse and saying goodbye to my Mr. Wonderful every 12 months for three, four or six long months....gives me a greater appreciation for the sacrifices that the countless brave men, women and their families have made every day since the founding of this nation...instills a pride of America in me. I cannot stand and place my hand on my heart and pledge to Our Flag...with out crying. Nor can I stand and raise my water glass in honor to our MIA and POWS with out realizing the sacrifices that our made for this freedom we hold so dear.

That being said I do not understand how someone can say "Now, I am proud to be an American..."or "After eight long years I am proud to be an American." and no I am not speaking of Mrs. Obama (although that does cause me to pause)...I am speaking of several friends of mine. My patriotism does not come from who the President is, what political party is in "power", how other people and other countries view America....No, my patriotism and love for America comes from inside me...from my core values, beliefs and life; from who I believe this country is, the hope she offers and the freedom she gives. Other friends have said "Well, I am sure glad my vote counted in this election" as if somehow mine did not or their vote did not in the past if they voted for the "other guy". That is like saying, I do not want to play the game if I cannot "win". Sorry folks someone always has to "lose". But that does not mean that your vote didn't count or your voice was not heard.
These next four years will be interesting, these last eight have been interesting. I am willing to give Mr. Obama a chance...why not, don't we all deserve a chance....I am also going to pray for him and for this country. I hope you voted, I hope you exercised your right to make your voice heard...a right and a voice that many on this great planet do not have...a right our brave men and women continue to fight for. Whom ever you voted for I hope that you are proud to be an American!
I know I am.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Baby Movement!

So....here I was the other day....just a stressing out...and I thought that I may have felt the baby move last weekend but was not sure. Then today......OHHHHH TODAY.....I am sure that I felt this little one move!!!! Mr. Wonderful and I did some yard work this morning and we were relaxing on the hammock...talking about our spring garden plans, the fact that we need to replace the whole back fence, the baby's arrival in April and all the other stuff that this paradise of a life is bringing us. While we were talking I felt IT, AGAIN...now I thought the other day I might have...so I told my Wonderful...rather exclaimed to him...I felt the baby move...I'm sure that is what I felt! So he pressed his hand on my tummy..Mr. W, I said, you probably won't feel it on the outside yet...but then he said...I felt something..was that you? No...not me...I felt it too from the inside....It's the BABY! We almost started crying...big grins...big thanks in my heart! He kept his hand pressed and WE both felt the baby move around a couple more times....
I'm so very grateful that God heard my stress and my heart the other day and he decided that today was the day...
Mr. Wonderful, and our pups...Elliot and Austin

Friday, October 24, 2008

16 weeks

16 weeks today...I thought I would "feel" more pregnant...whatever that is supposed to "feel" like. I don't know and my belly is still quite smooshy...I thought that it would get harder...not that I have any rock hard abs to help out in that area. And I so want to feel the baby move, I think to myself that when I start to feel the flutters that I will be at peace more that everything is okay. The waiting 4 weeks since that last appointment to hear the heartbeat or see the baby is soooooo looooooong. When I woke up this morning and looked at my belly in the mirror, in some ways it does not look that different then when I weighed a lot more than I did at the start of this pregnancy. 11 years ago I was well over 200pds and while I am well under that number at this point, I remember my body from when I weighed that much. I guess it is just my mind playing tricks on me...I just want to know that everything is okay that the baby is growing and developing right. At the end of this 7 days....next Friday...I will be on month 5!!!!! Whooohoooo, time is flying by.
I guess I just want to be assured that I am feeling and growing just like I should. OB appointment on Tuesday so I guess just a couple more days until I can rest a little easier.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

End of week 15

Here are my first belly pics (well the first I am posting) these are both 15 week pictures. The first in Sepia and so sorry not that clear...when I say I am interested in photography it is obviously not my own photos apparently I need to learn to use my camera features.... I was hesitant to post photos of the belly but after several friends called with a hello where are the belly pictures..well I had to post. Or they are just going to have to travel a thousand plus miles to some see the growing belly! Ha! The one is color is a little better with detail. Now I had only gained 2 pounds by my 12 week appointment and I have this months appointment next week so I am interested in finding out what I have gained. Over all I think (I hope) that I am doing well. Still no baby flutters that I can feel (I think I might have felt something the other night but am not really sure).

This next batch is my Halloween mantle...quite pleased with the Trick Or Treat blocks...some spouses at the base had them for sale for $7 and I have been on the look out for something just like that...my plan is to find a Thanksgiving or a Give Thanks sign or blocks or something...I guess I will know when I see it. Here are close ups of either end of the mantle and the blocks....the pumpkins I found at Hobby Lobby on sale thankUveryMuch and I love did I say LOVE the big one....

and the little gourds and pumpkin stuff at the market for next to nothing....good finds!!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

1st Baby Pics

This is our first appointment picture, 8 weeks and 4 days, I was feeling great!
Second appointment, 12 weeks and 4 days...although our little growing one only measured 12 weeks 2 days. Here are a couple more pictures...
I still look at this pictures on the fridge every day in amazement! We are going to have a baby! There is a little life growing inside of me, I can't wait to feel him/her move, I can't believe how fast they grow!

Monday, October 13, 2008


It's after 12...noon that is, sitting here on the couch....still in my pj's (kinda..I did brush my teeth and comb my hair...doesn't that count for something???)...watching a movie...thinking of the stuff I would like to bake, make, cook...
Christmas is just around the corner and I have 7 sisters that I need to get their gifts started, my plan is to make all the gifts this year, my sisters not to hard...Mr. Wonderful's family...well some of them we only only see during the holidays and well...I really don't know them and they don't know me and now....I am going to have to come up with something. This is when living far far away in a foreign country is very helpful...just pick up something that they would not have (small but interesting and usable...hopefully), wrap and ship...problem solved. But now....last year I had left overs from living in Turkey, this year not so much...so I am thinking...thinking...thinking.

Apple pie...I want some and corn chowder and banana bread, homemade bread, potato soup, chicken pot pie......I am so hungry...but I am in my pj's and do not want to go to the grocery...I swear if they had delivery in this little town I would order from the grocery right now...but they do not. I think that a grill cheese might have to do for now and then a trip to the grocery will have to happen.

Mr. Wonderful is in his own paradise...hunting...I was thinking...yay...holiday 3 day weekend we can have some fun...well...I am on the couch in my pj's and he is off hunting...again....Friday afternoon and evening...we prepared for a garage sale...yay...$340ish dollars made!!!!....Saturday, after the money making garage sale...me alone all night....Sunday afternoon and evening...me alone all night...this morning and possibly for the rest of the day...me alone...well I have the pups and some movies that I have not seen in a while....while I love that Mr. Wonderful hunts and he loves to go and it makes the stress of his job seem not so bad when he can get out in the woods and do what he does....I hate sitting alone so much. Last night I did go to Hastings and purchased a pregnancy yoga DVD and book...but I don't have $$ to spend so heading to the mall to poke around is not that appealing and well...good thing hunting season only lasts so long.

Not much else happening, I am growing...I woke up a couple days ago and could only think...this is not my body...things are changing, shifting and here we are...first trimester down...week 14 ...yay!!! I am feeling good, aside from lots of bloating and some still sore (but not as much) girls and clothing not fitting nice..except for pj's....too bad I cannot wear them always...This is becoming real....I still go to the fridge and look at the ultrasound pictures in wonder and amazement that....that I have a life, a little one...a brand new human...with brand new thoughts and ideas and silliness and looks and never been on this earth before wonder, growing inside of me...this is real...what I have been waiting for...for forever I feel...5 years of infertility and now we are going to have a baby...my hopes are being realized...my dream is coming true!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Long time no post.....

Well, it's been quite a while ya'll...
Mr. Wonderful and I had quite a lovely time in New Orleans
This is us on Bourbon Street the 2nd night we were there. Happy 40th to my friend Sarah! We also visited several plantation homes along the Mississippi River this one was my favorite...
it is Oak Alley Plantation, they also have a BB here and Mr. Wonderful and I are keeping that little nugget in the back of our minds as we make future holiday plans.

A huge congratulations to Mr. Wonderful!!!! He pinned on Major the last day of September, the ceremony was really special and we had a wonderful time with both sets of parents here visiting us in Paradise...here are a couple of pictures from that day...

Mr. Wonderful's parents, the new Major and I and my parents...this is the first time they have met each other since we got married almost 6 years ago!
The pinning, we were in a little friendly competition to see who could remove the Captains bars and pin the Major's the fastest....whoooohoooo...I won!The handshake, after the salute, after the Oath of Duty.
Mr. Wonderful surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers!

A little baby update for you....I am now 13 weeks and 6 days pregnant! We are almost past the ever important first trimester. We had our second OB appointment last week and the baby looks perfect (two arms, two legs...the bone structure so clearly visible)! I am doing good, only 2pds gained so far, my BP is great and the doctor said that I was growing this baby good! We have not heard the heartbeat yet...something I am anticipating...doc says next month and then the month after that we should find out if we are having a little boy or girl (I can't think of a better Christmas present!). Mr. Wonderful says we are having a girl, whenever I think of this little growing one, I think boy....so we shall see.
I shopped for night bras as well as some materity clothes....I will have to save that shopping experience for another post.
I guess that is all for now...not much happenning in Paradise this week...I hope you are enjoying the beginnings of Fall and all the beauty of this magical season!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

We are headed to New Orleans for a little Holiday! See ya later!!!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Not so much....

Today has ended up being a Not So Much kinda day...I went to bed last night with a lil headache and woke up this morning feeling pretty good...still a little headache so I took my time this morning. My plan for the day was to get the bathrooms cleaned up, laundry done, ironing completed, clean the kitchen (as I have just rinsed and stacked the dishes since Sat...yuck...I know...but at least they are rinsed). I completed a half of one of them...geez......I had (still have a lil one but not as bed) a horrible headache that sent me to the couch with a cold compress and lots of sleep. And then it started to rain and our puppy Austin needed to come inside....oh the dog wrestling that starts, the noise...just gets on my nerves, if they could wrestle/play silently that would be wonderful....too bad I don't have a mute button to press in their direction. And then the doorbell rings....the package of birthday gifts that I have tried to send my sister TWICE is back on my front porch...wrong address twice now (I had her old address memorized but then she had to go and move to a nice new big house and change her address in the process) I called her of course...we figured out the problem...I had Glenn Haven Ct instead of Lynn Haven Ct and the zip code was all mixed up....who knows...Glenn and Lynn sound alike. So my nephews gift will be very late and hopefully when I send this off tomorrow..for the last time...it will not arrive at my door step but rather hers in time for my nieces birthday.
Oh and I have not completed by bible study heart-work yet either, looks like I might be doing the last two days tomorrow morning....yuck...not what I wanted either.
So, today, Not So Much kind of day...the master bathroom is almost done, I just need to finish the floors and find the Windex (Mr. Wonderful used it last and I have no idea where he might of placed it....update..it was in a compartment in his truck...cause he never knows when he might need to clean the windows...WHAT????) so I can clean the mirrors. Nothing else completed, dishes still stacked on the counter, laundry still in piles, clothes still waiting to be ironed, bible study needing to be accomplished and the wrestling continues.....
I have to have my house clean...we leave Thursday for vacation and I love to walk into a clean house...hummmm...you know when you walk in and think....the cleaning fairy has been here...and even though you are the cleaning fairy...you have not had to clean for at least a couple days because you were on vacation....and once you arrive home from said vacation you almost need another vacation to recover from the vacation you were on......you know...the laundry and "stuff" that ends up in a common room in your home once you unload the car and suitcases. Plus trips to the grocery and all the other errands that need to be caught up on....So my house must be clean...and I mean CLEAN by Thursday....the less stuff that I have to do when I get home from vacation...the less stuff that is waiting for me....the better.
I hope that tomorrow will be a better more productive day. I hope tomorrow and Wednesday are not....Not So Much Days!

What about you, do you have to have everything clean before you leave the house on a vacation? Do you stay up late the night before you leave to make sure that EVERYTHING is clean and done? Or can you just not worry about it...or are you so organized that everything is always done and there is no mad cleaning rush to that last day at home before a vacation?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Unbuttoning those jeans....

Here I am week 10! My pants are getting a bit on the tight side, I can button them but it does not feel good, so I bought Bella Bands and am using those right now....here is a picture of me taken this morning...Just a little of a belly....I was not at my ideal weight starting this pregnancy so...I hope to only gain the 15 to 20 pounds. At my first OB appointment (8 weeks and 4 days) I weighed the same that I did before we got pregnant. I am feeling great, no morning sickness, headaches or anything really to complain about....Although...I had no idea that I would have periods of horrible gas...and even though I expected the tiredness I did not expect the exhaustion that overtakes me. On other happy news...my Mr. Wonderful pins on Major this month! I am so excited for him and this accomplishment....he works really hard and although we knew that he was selected almost a year ago we did not know when the pinning would take place. I will have to post a couple of pictures of the ceremony. My parents are going to fly in for the pinning and will be able to stay for a week! I am looking forward to spending time with them and talking with my mom, she birthed all of her 8 girls naturally and is also a Doula....We are planning on having her here for my labor and delivery. I guess that is it for now....not much going on around here...just quiet days...I really should get started on my Christmas projects....December will be here before we know it. Do you make your Christmas gifts? Do you shop the whole year for gifts? Or do you wait for the last minute?

Monday, September 1, 2008

6 Weeks New

We are 8 weeks now...this little one is six weeks new...looking at pictures and reading how she/he is growing and changing week to week is amazing. Our first OB appointment is tomorrow! I am excited and nervous too....what if he does not see anything? What if this pregnancy is not real? I know the preggo stick had a big plus and the blood test confirmed and then more tests to show my hormone levels also confirmed the changes happening in my body.....It is just that we have waited for 5 long years to get pregnant, had several long cycles....and well I guess I feel cautious and hopeful.....I wonder if other women have questions like this? I have been pretty lucky too....so far only fatigue, sore girls and a little bit of mood swings...nothing else...no morning sickness or nausea...for that I am grateful....although Mr. Wonderful said, "shouldn't you be getting sick? Is everything ok with the baby if you do not?" I know the stats that 15% of pregnant women do not experience morning sickness so.....I just remind him of that percentage and tell him of several people I know that never had morning sickness. The funny thing is that his questions make me wonder too....I guess that is all normal. I just can't wait for tomorrow.

There is also a small chance that we could have twins as we were on fertility meds when we conceived...so we will find that out tomorrow too. I have no ideas/thoughts/feeling towards whether we are having one or two. Mr. Wonderful teases me that there are two in there...but then he says that he really does not know...that he just wants to tease me...nice...thanks babe!

I guess that is it for now....I will post tomorrow....I am anticipating the visit as if I was starting the first day of school or a new job....I guess in some ways it is a "new school or job"....I just hope I can sleep tonight....I'm sure that that will not be a problem though.
Did you have questions and doubts about even being pregnant before you had your first appointment?

Saturday, August 23, 2008


There is nothing like ending your day knowing that it was a productive one AND the things that you accomplished during the day will last. Mr. Wonderful and I had a most perfect day today...we slept in till 8:30, played with the pups, went for yummy breakfast burritos, stopped in at a yard sale and bought a stand up freezer for $90, cleaned out the garage, the storage room in the garage, took an afternoon nap, mowed and trimmed the yard, finished organizing the recycle bins and tools in the garage, played with the pups, cleaned up and created a very late night dinner....Very Productive Day!!!!! I am tired, but am grateful that we got naps in there. The freezer was an excellent find as Mr. Wonderful is preparing for hunting season and we need a place to put all that wonderful meat. We were hoping to find one soon and there it was in the paper with the yard sale ads....

On another note, we are Seven weeks today, I am feeling great, no morning sickness, just sore girls (that went from a C to a D...crikes) and lots of tired days....sometimes it feels like I can never get enough rest. Oh and the hormones too...watching the Olympics and crying as the men's marathon finished...26 miles...actually I think that I have cried at almost all of the winners finishes...what an accomplishment, what wonderful diligence, what pride of self (in a totally good way)...to set a goal, love a sport and be the best in the world...makes me tear up just thinking about it.

I talked with one of my sisters yesterday and I told her about a good friend of mine that found out she is pregnant too...about 2 weeks behind me and although she lives in another state we will still be able to share this journey into Mommyhood together. My sister (and she is my best friend and has been since I was born) said she was jealous...it just made me cry....she was glad that I have a close friend to share this with and the only thing that could make my pregnancy better is if we were pregnant together....I so wanted to be pregnant at the same time as her but life just didn't work out that way....it makes me sad that we won't share those moments but I am grateful that we are close and she still loves the conversations that we are having as I am discovering the joys and pains of pregnancy and the worries and wonders of motherhood.

Did you have a sister or close friend that you were pregnant with? Have you continued to walk through Mommyhood together?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

6 Weeks and 4 days....

Today, according to my calculations I am 6 weeks and 4 days pregnant....My first OB appointment is the 2nd of Sept. so I will know then if my dates are right or not. So far only really tired, no morning sickness, food aversions or cravings....I do have some pelvic pain off and on that at first alarmed me but I new that if there is no spotting or cramping then I was ok so....seems like just elevating my feet and taking a nice nap helped take care of the pain.

Reading a lot of information lately....as much as I believe that I will be a great Mom and have good instincts....I am still scared and worried, but prayer and believing that God will guide Mr. Wonderful and I helps. I am the last of 8 sisters to conceive...I am a middle child with 3 older sisters and 4 younger all whom have had kids....most of them not having anymore. I think that there are just 2 of us, maybe a 3rd, that are planning on having more. Of course this being my first I know that unless God blesses us with multiples we will hope to get pregnant again. Watching as well as taking some part (helping to potty train and give advice) in the lives of my nephews and nieces I believe will help me be better prepared....but can you truly be prepared.....I don't know.

I am planning on nursing, hopefully exclusively for at least the first 6 months, I know that there are numerous things that can change this, but I come from a long line of women who nurse and well just expect to. I am a stay at home wife at this time, I have worked full/part time off and on since Mr. Wonderful and I married....he is in the Air Force and moving every two to three years doesn't lend itself to great jobs....although there has been a couple wonderful although short term ones....so life as far as income and me staying at home will not change once this little one arrives. We are also planning on cloth diapers...lots of reading there and while I know I have time I would like to decide so that we can buy a little at a time or just know what we are saving for.

Mr. Wonderful and I have tried to conceive for 5 years now, and had taken clomid for the past three months and were stunned to stay the least when the preggo stick pulled out a positive line. After you try for so long and hope against hope each and every month only to be disappointed and have to deal..only to start the hoping cycle again. We also experienced a failed adoption of a little boy this past May. Mr. Wonderful was in the sandbox on the other side of the world and I flew to SC the day he was born, I brought him home (to my sisters house) from the hospital and had him for 5 days when the birth mom called and said that she had changed her mind (she had 10 days to do this and was on day 4 of that 10 days). The loss and grief of that little one and Mr. Wonderful being in another country was the hardest thing I have ever been through.

So this growing miracle is wrapped up with our hopes, dreams, prayers and thoughts that we have carried around with us for 5 years. So much expectation..so much emotion placed in my heart for this little one. It's quite overwhelming sometimes..I just need to sit and cry a minute or two....God is faithful, His ways are not our ways and His timing not ours. I am just excited and am also glad that we have 8 months to plan for this little one.....

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Boogies for a quarter....

The most wasted of all days is one without laughter. ~e.e. cummings

Last night Mr. Wonderful and I were talking in bed, about this new life growing, names we have in our minds, when we should rearrange the house, on whether or not we want to find out the sex of the baby or wait and be surprised....the conversation some how makes it way to boogies...Now you would have to know that I get grossed out about snot, having to wipe a snotty nose makes me gag....I know....I know...this is something I am going to have to get over..but last night Mr. Wonderful started talking about boogies and how he is going to teach our little one to pick his/her nose and then "take the boogie to Mommy" ...of course I am laughing... then he says.. better yet "take the boogie to Mommy she'll give you a quarter for it....Mommy's the Boogie Fairy!" This man of mine...I am in trouble.....we both were laughing though.....what a way to end the day!

Did your hubby come up with stuff he would teach your kids to do to you? Has he taught them? Did you wait to find out the sex?
Don't forget to laugh today!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


It's almost midnight and I though that I would be fast asleep in dream land by now, but no I am awake. This being pregnant is amazing, emotional and tiring...and I am only at the end of my 5th week. Things at work for my Mr. Wonderful have calmed down a bit and he is arriving home at a normal time (not 8pm but rather 6ish). We had a date night of sorts tonight, went to the movies to see Get Smart and walked through Chick-fil-A before hand to grab some dinner to promptly stuff in my over sized bag and take into the theater....Mr. Wonderful calling me a rebel...hmmm what-ever, I don't want a late dinner and I don't want popcorn for dinner so....rebel indeed.

Researching diapers....what fun, cloth ones, I do not want to do disposables and have always thought that I would do cloth, my Mom did cloth with eight kids, all of us....I can do it! Now to decide which ones? Fuzzi Bunz, Bum Genius, Mommy's Touch, Kissaluvs...how do you decide. I'm looking for diapers that will last through more than one baby, will snaps be a pain...(I'm thinking wiggly baby, Mr. Wonderful trying to change the diaper...it gets comical in my head...but will he get frustrated?), do I want to have inserts or all-in-ones, certain sizes or the one size fits all kind...I just don't know....Have you used cloth diapers and if you have what you recommend and why?

Babywearing or Babywise...two different ends of the spectrum...I see the virtues of both, combine the two...I think I will but there is SO much information out there.

My in-laws are coming for the weekend, we will be visiting some of the small towns around here, browsing antique shops and flea markets, eating yummy food and enjoying company...ya'll have a great weekend....and let me know what you think about cloth diapers...I know I have a while but it's a big purchase so I want to get a jump on that sooner than later.

Friday, August 8, 2008

The Grass IS really Greener

I've spent a couple hours today here.....

Sleeping, I am so tired today....I didn't know that I could be this tired....and then awake to just feel tired. HAHAHA...this is the "grass is greener on the other side" moment...although this side of the fence yields HIGH rewards...a little miracle baby award. So I'll just stretch out, relax and get more rest, watch the opening ceremony for the Olympics and wait for my Mr. Wonderful to come home. Good thing we have leftover lasagna or enchiladas to choose from as well as yummy spinach salad.
No new projects started (except the growing wee one), the K's are still waiting patiently on my desk for paint, the quilt pieces only shout "look at me, make me into something wonderful!" when I pass them, but I want to do well and make a wonderful quilt, friends told me about a friend that loves to quilt and would love to help show me the way. So, when I get her number and we get a schedule together...quilt progress pictures will be posted.
WhooooHOOOO....to my heavenly Father!!!! I am overwhelmed with emotion sometimes, that he is knitting together in my womb a beautiful child...and He knows, he knows what kind of mamma I will be, what dreams my young one will have, what his/her life will hold. The awesome gift that God gives us...allowing our wombs to be a part of creation! Amazing isn't it?

Monday, August 4, 2008

Some Kinda Wonderful

Yesterday...Sept 4, 2008...we are pregnant! I can hardly believe this, the preggo stick is still sitting on the desk...I actually found out late last night...had the blood test today and guess what!!!!! Mr. Wonderful and I are amazed....he looked at that stick last night and said...."what, what...does this mean, it has a plus sign...does that mean...(with tears in his eyes)"..."yeppers love" said I, "we are having baby, can you believe this?" So April is when our little miracle will make his or her appearance.

We have been trying to get pregnant for almost 5 years...IUI, shots, hormones...a failed adoption this past May...Sunday early afternoon, I was sad, I felt like...that I could not do this anymore...this hoping and trying and testing and hormones and all the other stress...

I think I am in shock....not dis-belief though...I have believed for this, hoped, prayed and dreamed of these moments for a long long time....

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Weekends are made for Resting

It's the weekend ya'll and I would love to be in Cozumel,Mexico...laying one one of those chairs like I did back in January....A girl can have her dreams right? I don't know about you but Saturday and Sundays are sacred....NO WORK ALLOWED...(unless annoyingly absolutely necessary work has to happen). The house keeping work that is, laundry, ironing, moping of floors...etc...The outdoor work....well that is always going on, on the weekends....but not when it's HOT (99 degrees outside). Now I don't have little ones (except for my pups) so I suppose I can get away with a pile (read a LARGE pile) of clothes on the back of the couch waiting patiently to get ironed, a floor that is in bad need of mopping and the lack of a big drawn out dinner on the stove or in the oven. ( I'm thinking it's leftovers tonight.) Mr. Wonderful is at the office working on class work for his THIRD master's degree...UGGGG...studying....I don't know how he keeps it up. Next week is a busy one, a gathering to plan and prepare for, for Thursday night...hmmmm what to make, vet visits, job interviews, cookies to make, Brown Bag Lunch for 45 people to prepare for, jewelry to make, birthday presents to wrap and send, mopping that floor, ironing those clothes....just thinking about it makes me sleepy and since it's Saturday and the pups are sleeping I can get a little nappy in too. I know, KNOW, that when we have little ones...all this is going to change...but for now...today...I'm relaxing and resting!
What about you...are your weekends rush rush rush and clean clean clean...do you have an unwritten rule about what does or does not happen on Saturday's?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Don't you just love Tuesdays? Monday is over, the rest of the week is ahead of you....Tuesdays are cleanin' days around here...I also finished up a little "need to have a desk looking out a window" project where I can accomplish my little projects...So its ready, ready for projects to start, a place to bead, paint, sew and dream. Several projects are on the desk...See those K's? A friend of mine has B's (for her last name of course) and I always liked her B's and wanted some of my own....But since my last name does not start with a B...I get K's...more B's for her, more K's for me. So now when I am on holiday I will be looking for K's. Mr. Wonderful thinks it is all a little silly but hey, what is life with out a little silliness in it. The other project, the "my eyes are too big for my britches" project...a quilt...
Like the one from Old Red Barn Co., that she gave away in a fabulous quilt give away....So I thought to myself...self...if I don't win, then I will buy the fabric (Michael Miller, Ginger Blossom by Sandi Henderson) and make a gorgeous, fabulous quilt myself...I can do it, Yes I can...hahahah...I have NO quilting experience, can barely sew ( I just learned to hem jeans for pete's (sorry pete) sake). So I will have to keep you posted. Right now I am content to LOOK at this beautiful stack of fabric and see in my minds eye just what my quilt will look like...God help me.

On another note, here are my pups....
Austin and Elliot...after a day at the lake, they had a blast, Mr. Wonderful and I also had a lot of fun...

Well, now that I have given myself a break, sat and enjoyed my "new project desk" it's back to housework...cleaning toilets....It's House Keeping Tuesday after all!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

24 Things

So, I keep up with AidChild (www.aidchild.org) an orphanage in Uganda, East Africa that my cousin worked at for a couple years. Every month the founder and director sends out an email that lists things he is grateful for, the number of gratitudes is the same as the day of the month. I was thinking today, of my gratitudes and how often I over look them....So here are mine, 24 today...

1. The warmth of love
2. free loaner books from the library
3. new recipes
4. tomatillos
5. air conditioning
6. music that speaks to me
7. a clean house
8. snuggles from Elliot and Austin
9. making plans to go places
10. going to those places with my Mr. Wonderful
11. water, clean water
12. 7th Generation products that are good for my family and the environment
13. the joy and adventure this military life brings to my doorstep
14. the satisfaction of knowing that I made a difference today
15. Smiles from my Mr. Wonderful
16. Conversations with my sisters
17. Bloggers that inspire me to be better and try new things
18. Hebrews 10:23
19. friends that know my heart
20. the joy of adoption
21. the hope that I will know that joy completed
22. flea markets and antique shopping
23. the quiet
24. breathe, life, creation

How about you, what are you grateful for?