Thursday, November 20, 2008

almost halfway there....

Tomorrow is the day...the start of week 20! We are halfway there...only 20 more weeks and this growing little one will make his or her appearance. Mr. Wonderful is certain that we are having a girl....he is so sure of it, I think maybe he is saying that because he would love a boy and is setting himself up to not be in his head...for now...until we know (hopefully) on Tuesday...we are having a girl. Me, I don't know, part of me thinks this is a boy...but for the most I don't know. If it is a girl I will rest a little easy...because we have already agreed on a name, if it is boy... some more discussions will start because we have not (although Mr. W thinks that we have...but I don't want to "discuss" something that we may not have to) agreed on the name. Mr. W is an only child, he is a III and his parents expect and he has also wanted that we name our boy a IV, and while this is all well and good, and I like passing down a family name...I just don't want to call my son by that name, the short versions, the middle name, none of it....We have discussed naming him the IV and then calling him something completely different. Which in part I am okay with but what about when he is older, what about when he starts school, how will this work? I just don't know and am you call your babies by a name different then their given name?

I had a hair appointment on Tuesday....I got bangs! and several inches cut....
I like it, I have not had bangs since the 10th grade and well I don't know if I will keep them but it is a nice change. I was thinking of going a little shorter with the long length and then a little more choppy with the bangs and on the sides....I don't next appointment is a couple days before Christmas so I have some time to think about it all.

We find out TUESDAY!!! How I wish today was Tuesday....I so want to know that this baby is growing perfectly, that I am doing a good job. I just want to know that "everything is how it should be". Mr.Wonderful asked me last night if I am worrying because I think something is I told him, just worrying...that's what mommy's do.

It is amazing how fast babies grow, this little one legs are about 4 inches long and the tiny sweet feet that I can't wait to kiss are 1 inch long....18 weeks from conception and dividing cells to legs 4 inches long and a perfectly formed baby! We read every Friday the changes that the baby has made and will make in the coming week...I love Fridays! Last week I was on the way to a friends baby shower and had some 80s music playing...this little one was just a moving and a grooving inside of me, I have never felt that much movement at one time for that length of time...and then of course after the punch and some cake...there was more movement. I can't wait to feel this growing one more and more....movements that tell me that everything is good and this baby is just a growing!

I hope you are having a great day! If you stopped by..leave me a comment...I would love to know who is reading!


Sarah J. said...

I know you are doing a fantastic job growing a healthy baby inside you... I had to argue and got my way with Garrett's name, he was to be a III and I didn't want any part of it! My BFF Melanie named her son John Paul Turner and called him TJ from the day he was born! she uses aka on the school stuff... just a thought :) Love to you, Ed and baby too!!

Sarah J. said...

I know you are growing a healthy beautiful baby inside you and am soo very happy you get to experience the movement ~ its awesome isnt it?? have you tried the ice cube on your belly yet? the baby will move away from the cold and you can watch your belly do the baby 'wave'... I will write more later abou t the name thing as I do have an opinion :) Love to you, Ed and baby too!

Doris said...

It is a wonderful feeling, and now your less then 24 hours away from the big reveal! I hope you get some sleep!
As far as the names weuse our kids middle names, excpet this last one. Now that our oldest is in school I just put quotes aboe the name she goes by, I will do the same with miniman,it surprised me at first how many parets do this. So what ever your decision is, your probably not the first one.. Love you!