Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Another Wonderful GiveAway

Amanda at ohamanda is hosting a fabulous sling giveaway from Raspberry Baby.
Check her blog out and don't forget to check out Raspberry Baby either...I am in love with their skirts and vintage tag blankie. Awesome Etsy site and wonderful giveaway, Thanks Amanda!

Monday, January 26, 2009


Elliot helped me practice today.....

He is so funny and surprisingly willing to "practice" and I have a lot to learn....

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

28 weeks 5 days

I had the gestational diabetes test today, results come in the form of hopefully NOT hearing from my OB by tomorrow morning. 11 pounds gained so far and lots of heartburn. The Girl's heartbeat was good, lots of movement going on (not surprising with that sugar drink). We have the big 30 week Ultrasound in two weeks, I can't wait to see her and know that she is growing good. This appointment today also started the seeing my OB every two weeks until my 36th week. I spoke to him today about my birth plan and his opinion on a couple things...I feel really good about his answers and the discussion that we had.

The nursery is cleaned out and awaiting new paint...I can't wait to get her little room together! I have several small sewing projects in the works...mostly I am holding out until we return from our holiday to Sedona in February. We have lots and lots planned to do until we return from the holiday and then the lull and waiting...so I wanted to make sure I have some little projects to look forward to, to help that last month pass a little quicker.

I can't believe how fast this time has gone, I know that I have said this before....and I will say it again. i hope you and yours are having a wonderful first month of 2009!

Peace and Joy!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sweet Joy

This weekend Hubby and I attended a local telethon/concert/fundraiser. Hubs won/purchased a much needed gun safe in an auction and I experienced the sweet joy of sharing...which much to Hubs dismay and concern left me quietly crying and then trying to explain...which only helped in bringing a fresh bout of tears (oh hormones...how fun they are).

Babies are JOY...no matter the circumstances that bring them into the world...the miracle of life...the newness of a brand new human...JOY! As long as I can remember I have shared the joy of this newness with sisters, family and friends. Sometimes I was the "I will be excited for you, even though I know this is unexpected and you are unsure of everything...a baby after all!" and other times...."lets get a shower together and make sure this new Momma feels special and the family has what they need". No matter how hard for me (infertility for 5 years is a journey in and of itself) when I have heard of a friend becoming a Momma for the 1st or 5th time I am excited...excited for them...for the new life that is created...the process of newness...such joy.

So last night at this concert a woman asked when my baby was due and I shared with her...the JOY that came from her....it overwhelmed me...but in a really good way. She asked if this was my first and then told me congratulations with the biggest smile as though we shared some sort of secret....and I suppose we do although I have never met her before.

I was overwhelmed and still become so when I think about this sharing of sweet joy. For a stranger to share my joy...for my sisters, family and friends to share this miracle of life, this joy and to become a Mama and smile and share in this secret of giving life....it's just sweet joy!

Friday, January 16, 2009

28 weeks down...12 to go

84 more days and counting till due date. I am feeling great. Somewhat tired (I expected this) and sleeping is good as long as I have plenty of pillows for support and don't mind the roll and shuffle to the toilet. Her kicks are getting stronger and her total body movement feels really weird.

I am reading The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding right now. I plan on breastfeeding and would like to exclusively for at least the first 6 months. It amazes me how many women (SAHM) I know choose not to breastfeed their baby...there are a lot that do don't get me wrong...how something so pure and natural can be discarded so quickly is sad to me (some women cannot, this I know and I also think that if a new Mom does not have support, continuing to breastfeed through pain and complications can be very hard). My Mom fed all eight of her girls and my sisters have all breastfed their children so I never questioned myself...breast or formula...I've always known that I would breastfeed.

Hubby and I are finding new homes for all the stuff that was in the study. Our guest room is now the study/craft room/guest room. We have just about everything for the nursery now, just need to pick out a paint color, paint the dresser and get everything in there and organized. I can't wait to see it all together. We have a fabulous wall hanging and a handmade carpet from our tour in Turkey that I bought with a nursery in mind.

The bumGenius diapers arrived on Wednesday...they are so cute! I am still a little intimidated at the process of cloth diapers but am determined also. I bought 12 and am planning on waiting until I actually try them on her little bum before I buy 12 more. I still have to get the wet bags and a couple more doublers/inserts along with a diaper sprayer. I am also looking for a bum spray/bottom cleaner that I can make myself. The ones that I have seen online are pretty pricey and I know that I read a recipe on a blog somewhere....I just need to find it again.

Hubby and I have a small vacation coming up to Sedona in February (long car ride...but we know I am going to have to stop and walk and pee). When we booked this vacation I was not pregnant...we planned on lots of outdoor hikes and Grand Canyon bliss....that is all going to have to wait, although we can walk to the rim and see! And I think the walking and getting out of the house will be great for me. I will be at the beginning of my eighth month and hope that I will feel good then as I do now.

I hope you are having a fabulous January! oh and by the way....looks like we are staying here...no big moves projected for now!

Peace and Joy!

Friday, January 9, 2009


So...I have had this recipe knocking around my brain for a while and Hubby's parents are visiting so I thought I would try it out...nothing like having a few extra tasters at the table! I have no idea what you would call this dish, maybe an Green Olive and Chicken Spaghetti, I don't know.

Here is what you need, this is for 4 adults:

3 (6 oz) jars quartered & marinated artichokes (drain all but one jar)
1 (10 oz) jar of sliced Spanish Olives with pimientos (well drained)
1 (14.5 oz) can of petite diced tomatoes (well drained)
1 rotisserie chicken ( try to get Italian herb flavor if you can)
Skinny Spaghetti noodles

Here is what to do:
Put water on to boil to cook the noodles
De-bone the chicken and tear into bite size pieces
Add the artichokes, olives, tomato and chicken with the liquid from the 1 jar of artichokes into a skillet or large sauce pan over low/med heat, you will want to just heat up the stuff, not saute it or cause any of the vegetables to break down.
After the noodles are done, drain, add just a tablespoon give or take of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and
toss well.
In a large serving dish add the noodles and the chicken and vegetable mixture ( I left out the sauce that was in the pan) toss and serve while hot. We added a hot loaf of garlic bread and a bottle of white wine.

This could easily be a Vegetarian meal just omit the chicken. This meal took me about 15 minutes from kitchen to table.

Let me know if you try it!

Peace and Joy!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

want one of these...I do!

Mr. Wonderful and I are in need of a new printer...our old one is dead...very dead. So...I am entering this fantastic fabulous Epson Artisan 800 giveaway at Mommy Coddle....ya never know when you might win something.

here, here or here....

My last post....Korea...well that was just a teaser from Mr. Wonderful...he calls me yesterday morning....5 choices...well 6 really
1. stay here
2. Korea
3. Guam
4. Japan
5. Azores
6. Alaska

Oh My...
needless to say yesterday was spent looking up lots and lots of information and talking with my sister, having a long lunch with Mr. Wonderful and more research and more conversation. We narrowed it down to two...which two you ask (all my 3 dear readers) well I am not saying just yet. Hubby has more research to do and more praying needs to happen and well a decision will have to be made but we are not rushed, which is a very lovely thing...Nothing like having to make a where-we-gonna-live choice under the gun of a time crunch.

So, where would you go? Ya know if you had my choices (not really mine you understand...there would be some East coast assignments as well as a couple European ones if they were my choices)...but still....what do you think???

Monday, January 5, 2009


Being a military spouse and living a military life is not "normal" life. Staying put, growing some deep roots, enjoying lifelong friends that live in the same town, having family near by, speaking the same language as those around you...the list goes on and on...

Hubby comes home today and asks what would I think about moving to Korea....hmmm...these little (hmmmph) questions come up every now and then. Geezzz..moving...of course I immediately start looking up information on the base, the housing, trying to find information out there in webland of folks that have lived there recently or are living there.
My first answer is...that would be cool...I mean to live in another foreign country, learn new customs, foods, see more things that I would probably never even think about seeing.

But then....all the other stuff...we are about to have a baby (who would be a couple of months old before we would move)...how long would we live there (3 years) ....flying (talk about looooong flights)....hmmmm... Korea is in the east so we would leave from the west coast...that would be some long flights to go see family in SC if we moved there.
Am I prepared and willing to live in a little bubble world again (like Incirlik, Turkey)? I wouldn't be able to read Korean, speak Korean or communicate effectively (well I could learn). The housing is high rise apartments....no backyard...Austin is a Brittney Spaniel (and still a puppy)...he needs lots of running room and his poops are big....this would mean that he would become an inside dog, would he get along with Elliot all day in the house, would Elliot get along with him?....would I be ready for that? How would I decide what minimal amount of stuff from my home that we would pack and take and what would we pack and store? What if we get there, get settled and I don't like it? What if something big happened with North Korea? Would I be ready for all the other "stuff" that living overseas brings? The idea of living on the other side of the world is exciting...and scary at the same time.

The funny thing is...we will probably not move. These possibilities pop up and we have to discuss and do a little research and then think about the big picture...the future...Hubby's career. Sometimes I think if it is good for his career I am on board, however...I am holding out for a European assignment or an East coast one. I really am. Nothing will probably come of our 7 minute conversation tonight about moving to the other side of the world. And if something does I will be a little prepared, just a little.

Oh the joy and adventure of this ride.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!

2009 is already here...seems like 2008 flew by....lots and lots happened in 08...Hubby deployed in January for 4 months to Iraq, I traveled the USA...visiting friends and family...In May right before Mother's Day and a couple weeks before Hubby returned from Iraq I flew from TX to SC to adopt a little boy. My first Mother's Day...it was bittersweet. I brought him home on Thursday from the hospital, the birth parents signed the paperwork on Friday and the Monday after Mother's Day the birth mother called to say she changed her mind. Tuesday she went to the lawyer to sign new paperwork revoking the original and I took him to her home Tuesday night. On Friday I was back home in TX...what a whirlwind. Hubby returned, we wept and took care of each other, spoke of this loss and resolved that we would start a family somehow.

After 5 years of unexplained infertility, lots of drugs, shots, procedures, grieving the loss of a would be child month after month, a failed adoption and then the overwhelming thoughts that we would have to start all over again....IT happened. I was late, I thought maybe I am pregnant and then decided I had played that game with myself month upon month, year after year....I should just accept that we were not going to get pregnant. I started to have some light cramping, going to bed in the middle of the day...to cry it out, accept yet another month of lost ability and this promise of a child right outside of my reach...I laid there, grieving, my little Elliot curled up beside me....then well..life will go on....I got up and proceeded to put the disappointment behind me. Late that night after still not starting I decided to take a test...and the rest is as is said history.

I am now on week 26...one week away from the start of my third trimester. I am feeling great for the most part. She has changed position recently and the physical feeling of carrying her inside of me has changed. The weight in my pelvic area is new and her movement areas have changed. Last week they were on the sides of my belly and now I feel her more everywhere. I know she has grown by where I can feel her....sometimes I feel movement at the top of my belly and at the same time at the bottom or on one of my sides. I've started to go to bed earlier...not to go to sleep...but sit in the quiet and feel her movement....enjoy the miracle of what is going on inside of me...revel in it...contemplate and allow myself to be absorbed in the idea of a daughter...of me becoming a Mom.

This past 20 plus weeks have been quite the journey. Much to do in preparation for her arrival, diapers to buy and wash, a room to set up, more books to read...more quiet evenings of reveling to enjoy. On New Year's Eve when the clock stuck midnight and my Hubby held me in his arms with our little girl moving in my belly...the THREE of us together...I could not help but marvel at the wonder and newness that this new year is going to be bringing to our door. I've said that 2000 was a wonderful year for me....my favorite so far...I'm pretty sure 2009 will surpass the wonderfulness of 2000 and I can't wait to live this year out!

Peace and Joy!