Monday, January 5, 2009


Being a military spouse and living a military life is not "normal" life. Staying put, growing some deep roots, enjoying lifelong friends that live in the same town, having family near by, speaking the same language as those around you...the list goes on and on...

Hubby comes home today and asks what would I think about moving to Korea....hmmm...these little (hmmmph) questions come up every now and then. Geezzz..moving...of course I immediately start looking up information on the base, the housing, trying to find information out there in webland of folks that have lived there recently or are living there.
My first answer is...that would be cool...I mean to live in another foreign country, learn new customs, foods, see more things that I would probably never even think about seeing.

But then....all the other stuff...we are about to have a baby (who would be a couple of months old before we would move) long would we live there (3 years) ....flying (talk about looooong flights)....hmmmm... Korea is in the east so we would leave from the west coast...that would be some long flights to go see family in SC if we moved there.
Am I prepared and willing to live in a little bubble world again (like Incirlik, Turkey)? I wouldn't be able to read Korean, speak Korean or communicate effectively (well I could learn). The housing is high rise backyard...Austin is a Brittney Spaniel (and still a puppy)...he needs lots of running room and his poops are big....this would mean that he would become an inside dog, would he get along with Elliot all day in the house, would Elliot get along with him?....would I be ready for that? How would I decide what minimal amount of stuff from my home that we would pack and take and what would we pack and store? What if we get there, get settled and I don't like it? What if something big happened with North Korea? Would I be ready for all the other "stuff" that living overseas brings? The idea of living on the other side of the world is exciting...and scary at the same time.

The funny thing is...we will probably not move. These possibilities pop up and we have to discuss and do a little research and then think about the big picture...the future...Hubby's career. Sometimes I think if it is good for his career I am on board, however...I am holding out for a European assignment or an East coast one. I really am. Nothing will probably come of our 7 minute conversation tonight about moving to the other side of the world. And if something does I will be a little prepared, just a little.

Oh the joy and adventure of this ride.


Irene said...

You cannot move, I forbid it, tell Hubby, that TX is far enough away! LOL
Love you

Sarah J. said...

tell your Mr. Wonderful that we would like for you to stay in the United Sates if possible.. I understand the necessity because its the lifestyle that comes along with being in the military and then there is the adventure of moving and seeing new places!! it will only make a more well rounded child.. we know this from experience :) Love you!