Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Don't you just love Tuesdays? Monday is over, the rest of the week is ahead of you....Tuesdays are cleanin' days around here...I also finished up a little "need to have a desk looking out a window" project where I can accomplish my little projects...So its ready, ready for projects to start, a place to bead, paint, sew and dream. Several projects are on the desk...See those K's? A friend of mine has B's (for her last name of course) and I always liked her B's and wanted some of my own....But since my last name does not start with a B...I get K's...more B's for her, more K's for me. So now when I am on holiday I will be looking for K's. Mr. Wonderful thinks it is all a little silly but hey, what is life with out a little silliness in it. The other project, the "my eyes are too big for my britches" project...a quilt...
Like the one from Old Red Barn Co., that she gave away in a fabulous quilt give away....So I thought to myself...self...if I don't win, then I will buy the fabric (Michael Miller, Ginger Blossom by Sandi Henderson) and make a gorgeous, fabulous quilt myself...I can do it, Yes I can...hahahah...I have NO quilting experience, can barely sew ( I just learned to hem jeans for pete's (sorry pete) sake). So I will have to keep you posted. Right now I am content to LOOK at this beautiful stack of fabric and see in my minds eye just what my quilt will look like...God help me.

On another note, here are my pups....
Austin and Elliot...after a day at the lake, they had a blast, Mr. Wonderful and I also had a lot of fun...

Well, now that I have given myself a break, sat and enjoyed my "new project desk" it's back to housework...cleaning toilets....It's House Keeping Tuesday after all!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

24 Things

So, I keep up with AidChild (www.aidchild.org) an orphanage in Uganda, East Africa that my cousin worked at for a couple years. Every month the founder and director sends out an email that lists things he is grateful for, the number of gratitudes is the same as the day of the month. I was thinking today, of my gratitudes and how often I over look them....So here are mine, 24 today...

1. The warmth of love
2. free loaner books from the library
3. new recipes
4. tomatillos
5. air conditioning
6. music that speaks to me
7. a clean house
8. snuggles from Elliot and Austin
9. making plans to go places
10. going to those places with my Mr. Wonderful
11. water, clean water
12. 7th Generation products that are good for my family and the environment
13. the joy and adventure this military life brings to my doorstep
14. the satisfaction of knowing that I made a difference today
15. Smiles from my Mr. Wonderful
16. Conversations with my sisters
17. Bloggers that inspire me to be better and try new things
18. Hebrews 10:23
19. friends that know my heart
20. the joy of adoption
21. the hope that I will know that joy completed
22. flea markets and antique shopping
23. the quiet
24. breathe, life, creation

How about you, what are you grateful for?