Friday, June 19, 2009

7 Quick Ones

If I could take the roof off and shake everything out of my house (into neat organized piles of course) so that I could reorganize and place what I want/need where I want/need it and store or get rid of the rest. I so want to reorganize my house and with a 10 week old step at a time.

Holidays are wonderful..coming back from the holidays to the pile of laundry and a house that was left in a hurry because of circumstances outside of our control...not so wonderful. I wanted to leave with everything sparkly clean....not so much this go around.

Communication...Communication...Communication...seems as though every aspect of life (personal and spiritual) bode well when there is proper communication going on. Aurgh not looking forward to a couple communications that will hopefully set everything right.

Routine....that's what I am attempting to settle into with Ren, he is sleeping pretty well at night for the most part (except last night) to get his day napping, playing, eating....into a predictable routine.

We are officially in all cloth diapers as of today! I was waiting for Ren to be big enough for the Bum Genius 3.0 to fit him leaks please...and now that we are home from our long summer holiday and I have (know that I have) a washer and dryer (the place we stayed at the beach said that there was a washer/dryer in the was on the 1st floor (we were on the 3rd) and it cost $3 per load) glad we ended up using disposables, I was going to use cloth).

We are doing salads and grilling for dinners this summer, trying to keep everything as light as possible....hubby complains about weight gain (just the normal "your life has now changed" there is a baby and wifey is not cooking as much and we have been out of any normal routine...weight gain) and I am pretty much what I weighed before getting pregnant minus a few pounds and would like to keep it off as well as lose some more.

I was hoping that we would get an assignment and get to move this summer/fall....looks like we may be staying here till next summer....I was hoping to it would help me reorganize the house...LOL

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

home from the summer holiday...

home from holiday...check
never wanting to do a long drive across the country with an infant again...check
mail gone through...check
bills paid...check
grocery shopping finished...check
car at dealership getting checked out...check (thank goodness for warranties)
crying babe nursed...check
that same babe down for nap...check

now to...
put away groceries
sort laundry
process laundry
clean bathrooms
clean kitchen
clean floors
organize guest room/study
organize coat closet
purge house of non-needed stuff
organize house
modify the babes schedule for better naps, playing, eating and sleeping
bathe dog
download holiday pics

and the list goes on and on....