Monday, May 11, 2009


I find myself singing to Ren a song my Mom sang and I am almost certain each of my sisters have sung to their little ones. It is not one of the classic lullabies but I love the song...

Acres of Diamonds
words & music by Arthur Smith

Acres of diamonds, mountains of gold,
Rivers of silver, jewels untold;
All these together, wouldn't buy you or me
Peace when we're sleeping or a conscience that's free.
A heart that's contented, a satisfied mind,
These are the treasures, money can't buy;
If you have Jesus, there's more wealth in your soul,
Than acres of diamonds, mountains of gold

Each time I sing it to Ren I am reminded that there is nothing like having Jesus in your heart. There is nothing better than peace when we are sleeping, a free conscience, a content heart and a mind that is satisfied. I feel like this song is a prayer of sorts also that I am praying over Ren, that he will know and have a personal relationship with Jesus and that he will have all of the things that this song tells us about too.

Are there any special lullabies that you sing/have sung to your little ones?

Friday, May 8, 2009

the cycle...

we have hit the 6th week growth spurt...whew...this mama is wore out!
Ren is crying because he is tired
tired because he is wanting milkies
wanting milkies because he has hit a growth spurt
he has hit a growth spurt and so this mama is tired

lets hope this will be the short 2-3 day spurt and not a week long one

when he is not crying or nursing or sleeping i get one of these...
and somehow well the crying, non-sleeping , wanting to nurse all-the-freaking-time does not seem quite so bad.
this boy has some personality just a bloomin!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


my mornings of sweet boy snuggles....nothing better in the world....

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

5 weeks....on Tuesday

I can hardly believe that my lil guy is FIVE weeks old today (I started this post on Tuesday). It seems like just last week we were bringing him home for the first time. Well not just last week...haha...I would be a little less sleep deprived.
The first couple weeks with him have been an adjustment and I feel like we are fairing pretty well. Ren wore his cloth diapees for the first time last week, too cute!
He only wore them for the day though...his legs are still a bit to skinny for them...we had gaps and while they didn't leak any pee I am afraid of the mess I would have on my hands with poo.
We have had a couple nights of good sleep...thank you baby! we moved Ren to his crib on Monday night and he slept so much better. I am kinda sad to have him in the other room already but....he sleeps better and so do I. Nursing is getting better...Ren is nursing more proficiently and I am feeling more positive about it every day.
I am so excited about seeing his little personality bloom....he makes the best faces already.
What a wonderfilled 5 weeks this has been...I am loving this Mama stuff...