Tuesday, May 5, 2009

5 weeks....on Tuesday

I can hardly believe that my lil guy is FIVE weeks old today (I started this post on Tuesday). It seems like just last week we were bringing him home for the first time. Well not just last week...haha...I would be a little less sleep deprived.
The first couple weeks with him have been an adjustment and I feel like we are fairing pretty well. Ren wore his cloth diapees for the first time last week, too cute!
He only wore them for the day though...his legs are still a bit to skinny for them...we had gaps and while they didn't leak any pee I am afraid of the mess I would have on my hands with poo.
We have had a couple nights of good sleep...thank you baby! we moved Ren to his crib on Monday night and he slept so much better. I am kinda sad to have him in the other room already but....he sleeps better and so do I. Nursing is getting better...Ren is nursing more proficiently and I am feeling more positive about it every day.
I am so excited about seeing his little personality bloom....he makes the best faces already.
What a wonderfilled 5 weeks this has been...I am loving this Mama stuff...


Doris said...

I am glad you are loving this Momma stuff, it is quite wonderful! You are doing a great job and I couldn't think of you as being any more prepared then what you were. Get what ever sleep you can, live off his wonderful smiles and remember that everymoment is forever etched into your mind and the memories can take your breath away!

Amy said...

Yay Ren! Yay Nili! You are doing so GREAT! He is a cutie pie! What size does he wear? I SO want to go get some cutie pie clothes for him...let me know what you need, ok??

Can't wait to read and see more photos!

Rebecca is excited to come meet him, too...you are so going to enjoy her (and I'm so going to miss her, but glad you'll have each other...)