Tuesday, April 21, 2009

3 weeks today...

My baby...he is sleeping right now...which is a good thing. He is sleeping in the bouncy chair, the same bouncy chair he slept so well in yesterday...the very same chair he would not sleep in last night. I don't understand this...this night thing....of not sleeping well. I worry it is that he is not getting enough breast milk, maybe I am not awake enough to ensure that he gets a full belly so he nibbles all night long....which makes for a tired Mama. I am okay by 10am usually...and then need an afternoon nap with him so I can do the nights. Hubby has taken to the guest room bed.....and I don't blame him...I worried about his sleep and it is better for me to stay in the room then try to get comfortable in the living room. So, today I am going to try to keep him up a little...not so many nice naps...maybe that will help his night sleeps. We do the whole bright lights, outdoor walks it's DAY TIME little one and then soft voices, low lights and not much interaction for night.

We head to the doc tomorrow to weigh in again. I am hoping and praying that Ren has gained the required 4 oz or more. He seems to be a growing and content baby...if he was not getting enough milkies than I am sure he would be a crying non-sleeping, not-content little boy.

Any advice..I've been reading lots....but you know babies don't come with an instruction manual and if they did...well every manual would have to be different. We are partly co-sleeping after the initial wake up around 1-2am Ren stays with me...but I worry about him sleeping with me and although I know that co-sleeping will work...the problem is that Ren is not getting sleep from that first wake up (1-2am) until 7 or 8 am. We are going to try the crib...with out the sleep positioner (it has a slight incline) for naps today.

So...yeah..any advice for this new tired mama? I sure would appreciate it.


Chaity said...

Just hang in there you will find that magical sleep position for Him. If He wasn't getting enough milk He would be fussy and irritable!Do you burp or change him at the feeding? if so don't burp and only change him if you need to and don't wip unless it is a poo! that can wake them up! Hope this help if I think of anything else I'll let you know.Love Chaity

Doris said...

You are doing wonderfully Nili! He is growing and thriving. The worry is normal and completely full of love. Ren is as blessed as he is a blessing. Dr. may not show any concern again. I will pray for peace. The peace that is the instruction manuel for children. Co-sleeping worked for us, all three of mine nibbled all night.. they are no worse for it. If Dr. does feel Ren isn't getting enough he may tell you to supplament with some formula. If so it doen't mean you aren't doing a great job, because you are.. peace my sweet sister.. I will pray for peace.

Amy said...

Nili, you are such a good momma! It sounds like he is doing great. He is still so very new...he will get his days and nights sorted out soon. I know it feels like an eternity...(we had a sleepless night ourselves last night)...but hang in there! It sounds like you are doing everything you can do, and you are showing grace and love and patience through it all, both to Ren and to Ed. So kudos to you! There will come a night when you will awaken (probably feeling very full and ready to nurse!) and realize he hasn't woken you up to eat, and then you'll leap out of bed and run to him to make sure he's alive! Hang in there, sister! You're doing great. I wish I could be there to hold him for you at night! I remember climbing up and down the staircase with Jared at that age, trying to get him back to sleep. He loved climbing stairs. Boy did I get some good 3am leg workouts. And i made up a little song to sing to him about how he was clean, dry, warm, well-rested, and well fed. I think it was my way of reassuring myself that I had done all i could.