Saturday, November 29, 2008

The days after....

Hi Ya'll! I can hardly believe that Thanksgiving 08 is behind us...we are now 21 weeks pregnant and are 90% sure that we are having a GIRL!!!! I am beyond excited, I know that I would be excited either way but....I grew up in a large family with 7 sisters so...girls just seems natural to me to have a girl first. Now if this little growing one turns out to be a boy...well I have always wanted a lil' boy too, so either way I am a winner!

Thanksgiving this year was mostly quiet, Mr. Wonderfuls' parents came down and we all headed over to a friends house to celebrate the day with her and her extended family and freinds...YAY...I did not have to cook...I did make a casserole dish but that was it! And my in-laws came bearing gifts of Thanksgiving foods so the fridge is full and we are enjoying "leftovers" here in Paradise for the next week...and for that I am very grateful as I am dealing with a nasty head cold and would rather not cook anything if possible.

So....Christmas is least it is starting to make it's appearance here in Paradise. New trimmings are waiting for the door wreath, a small tree has been purchased for my favorite ornaments and I am waiting on Mr. Wonderful to come home from a hunting morning so he can help me get the boxes out so I can get started. We are not putting the big tree up this least I don't think we are....Mr. Wonderful seemed kinda sad that I was not planning on putting it up so..I'll let him decide...we just have to move furniture around and a lot of it I usually do and I can't this rather than hassle with it I thought we would skip it...I guess we will see.

I hope you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving, I know we did...there is so very much to be grateful heart gets overwhelmed with it all. If you drop by leave a note!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

almost halfway there....

Tomorrow is the day...the start of week 20! We are halfway there...only 20 more weeks and this growing little one will make his or her appearance. Mr. Wonderful is certain that we are having a girl....he is so sure of it, I think maybe he is saying that because he would love a boy and is setting himself up to not be in his head...for now...until we know (hopefully) on Tuesday...we are having a girl. Me, I don't know, part of me thinks this is a boy...but for the most I don't know. If it is a girl I will rest a little easy...because we have already agreed on a name, if it is boy... some more discussions will start because we have not (although Mr. W thinks that we have...but I don't want to "discuss" something that we may not have to) agreed on the name. Mr. W is an only child, he is a III and his parents expect and he has also wanted that we name our boy a IV, and while this is all well and good, and I like passing down a family name...I just don't want to call my son by that name, the short versions, the middle name, none of it....We have discussed naming him the IV and then calling him something completely different. Which in part I am okay with but what about when he is older, what about when he starts school, how will this work? I just don't know and am you call your babies by a name different then their given name?

I had a hair appointment on Tuesday....I got bangs! and several inches cut....
I like it, I have not had bangs since the 10th grade and well I don't know if I will keep them but it is a nice change. I was thinking of going a little shorter with the long length and then a little more choppy with the bangs and on the sides....I don't next appointment is a couple days before Christmas so I have some time to think about it all.

We find out TUESDAY!!! How I wish today was Tuesday....I so want to know that this baby is growing perfectly, that I am doing a good job. I just want to know that "everything is how it should be". Mr.Wonderful asked me last night if I am worrying because I think something is I told him, just worrying...that's what mommy's do.

It is amazing how fast babies grow, this little one legs are about 4 inches long and the tiny sweet feet that I can't wait to kiss are 1 inch long....18 weeks from conception and dividing cells to legs 4 inches long and a perfectly formed baby! We read every Friday the changes that the baby has made and will make in the coming week...I love Fridays! Last week I was on the way to a friends baby shower and had some 80s music playing...this little one was just a moving and a grooving inside of me, I have never felt that much movement at one time for that length of time...and then of course after the punch and some cake...there was more movement. I can't wait to feel this growing one more and more....movements that tell me that everything is good and this baby is just a growing!

I hope you are having a great day! If you stopped by..leave me a comment...I would love to know who is reading!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fabulous Quilt Give Away

Dana at Old Red Barn Co.
is GIVING AWAY..yes giving these 3 fabulous quilts away to three lucky winners. I am in love with her quilts and when I didn't win at her last give away I went out and bought the identical fabric ...because I loved it make my very own fabulous quilt...which I have yet to start and the stack of lovely fabric is still sitting on the corner of my desk....I've got to get started! So anywhooo go and visit Dana here.... or click on the link at the top right of my page and check her quilts out....and well if you must enter..I know I am doing EVERYTHING I can to get the most entries possible...hello baby needs a new fabulous beautiful quilt!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Sweet Sleep....where oh where are you?

Here we are week 18....the first week of the 5th month, I can hardly believe how fast this time is flying. This pregnancy so far has gone very well, no morning sickness, no really horrible headaches....the ones I had were allergy related...took me way to long to figure that out, weight gain so far steady and slow, no huge mood pretty well. And am having the worse time sleeping, aside from waking 3 or more times a night to pee...and I know that is just going to increase...I cannot seem to get comfortable for the life of me. Here I am finally comfortable (or mostly) and am sure Mr. Wonderful is screaming (in his head) for me to stop moving around...and then I have to get up and pee AGAIN. Of course the whole cycle starts all over again. This morning I went and bought a Boppy Total Body Pillow at Target....I can't wait to try this pillow tonight...I hope it works...I hope sweet sleep while not leave me stranded...waiting, tossing and turning...I'll let you know how it all works out.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Day After...

Here we are, new president in the wings....I am proud to be an American, proud of my country, proud of my freedoms! I didn't vote for the president elect....I am however interested to see how he does, what he does and how the American people will respond. I have always been proud to be an American and living in a foreign country from 2005-2007 made me even more American in my heart. Being a Air Force spouse and saying goodbye to my Mr. Wonderful every 12 months for three, four or six long me a greater appreciation for the sacrifices that the countless brave men, women and their families have made every day since the founding of this nation...instills a pride of America in me. I cannot stand and place my hand on my heart and pledge to Our Flag...with out crying. Nor can I stand and raise my water glass in honor to our MIA and POWS with out realizing the sacrifices that our made for this freedom we hold so dear.

That being said I do not understand how someone can say "Now, I am proud to be an American..."or "After eight long years I am proud to be an American." and no I am not speaking of Mrs. Obama (although that does cause me to pause)...I am speaking of several friends of mine. My patriotism does not come from who the President is, what political party is in "power", how other people and other countries view America....No, my patriotism and love for America comes from inside me...from my core values, beliefs and life; from who I believe this country is, the hope she offers and the freedom she gives. Other friends have said "Well, I am sure glad my vote counted in this election" as if somehow mine did not or their vote did not in the past if they voted for the "other guy". That is like saying, I do not want to play the game if I cannot "win". Sorry folks someone always has to "lose". But that does not mean that your vote didn't count or your voice was not heard.
These next four years will be interesting, these last eight have been interesting. I am willing to give Mr. Obama a chance...why not, don't we all deserve a chance....I am also going to pray for him and for this country. I hope you voted, I hope you exercised your right to make your voice heard...a right and a voice that many on this great planet do not have...a right our brave men and women continue to fight for. Whom ever you voted for I hope that you are proud to be an American!
I know I am.