Saturday, August 23, 2008


There is nothing like ending your day knowing that it was a productive one AND the things that you accomplished during the day will last. Mr. Wonderful and I had a most perfect day today...we slept in till 8:30, played with the pups, went for yummy breakfast burritos, stopped in at a yard sale and bought a stand up freezer for $90, cleaned out the garage, the storage room in the garage, took an afternoon nap, mowed and trimmed the yard, finished organizing the recycle bins and tools in the garage, played with the pups, cleaned up and created a very late night dinner....Very Productive Day!!!!! I am tired, but am grateful that we got naps in there. The freezer was an excellent find as Mr. Wonderful is preparing for hunting season and we need a place to put all that wonderful meat. We were hoping to find one soon and there it was in the paper with the yard sale ads....

On another note, we are Seven weeks today, I am feeling great, no morning sickness, just sore girls (that went from a C to a D...crikes) and lots of tired days....sometimes it feels like I can never get enough rest. Oh and the hormones too...watching the Olympics and crying as the men's marathon finished...26 miles...actually I think that I have cried at almost all of the winners finishes...what an accomplishment, what wonderful diligence, what pride of self (in a totally good way) set a goal, love a sport and be the best in the world...makes me tear up just thinking about it.

I talked with one of my sisters yesterday and I told her about a good friend of mine that found out she is pregnant too...about 2 weeks behind me and although she lives in another state we will still be able to share this journey into Mommyhood together. My sister (and she is my best friend and has been since I was born) said she was just made me cry....she was glad that I have a close friend to share this with and the only thing that could make my pregnancy better is if we were pregnant together....I so wanted to be pregnant at the same time as her but life just didn't work out that makes me sad that we won't share those moments but I am grateful that we are close and she still loves the conversations that we are having as I am discovering the joys and pains of pregnancy and the worries and wonders of motherhood.

Did you have a sister or close friend that you were pregnant with? Have you continued to walk through Mommyhood together?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

6 Weeks and 4 days....

Today, according to my calculations I am 6 weeks and 4 days pregnant....My first OB appointment is the 2nd of Sept. so I will know then if my dates are right or not. So far only really tired, no morning sickness, food aversions or cravings....I do have some pelvic pain off and on that at first alarmed me but I new that if there is no spotting or cramping then I was ok so....seems like just elevating my feet and taking a nice nap helped take care of the pain.

Reading a lot of information much as I believe that I will be a great Mom and have good instincts....I am still scared and worried, but prayer and believing that God will guide Mr. Wonderful and I helps. I am the last of 8 sisters to conceive...I am a middle child with 3 older sisters and 4 younger all whom have had kids....most of them not having anymore. I think that there are just 2 of us, maybe a 3rd, that are planning on having more. Of course this being my first I know that unless God blesses us with multiples we will hope to get pregnant again. Watching as well as taking some part (helping to potty train and give advice) in the lives of my nephews and nieces I believe will help me be better prepared....but can you truly be prepared.....I don't know.

I am planning on nursing, hopefully exclusively for at least the first 6 months, I know that there are numerous things that can change this, but I come from a long line of women who nurse and well just expect to. I am a stay at home wife at this time, I have worked full/part time off and on since Mr. Wonderful and I married....he is in the Air Force and moving every two to three years doesn't lend itself to great jobs....although there has been a couple wonderful although short term life as far as income and me staying at home will not change once this little one arrives. We are also planning on cloth diapers...lots of reading there and while I know I have time I would like to decide so that we can buy a little at a time or just know what we are saving for.

Mr. Wonderful and I have tried to conceive for 5 years now, and had taken clomid for the past three months and were stunned to stay the least when the preggo stick pulled out a positive line. After you try for so long and hope against hope each and every month only to be disappointed and have to deal..only to start the hoping cycle again. We also experienced a failed adoption of a little boy this past May. Mr. Wonderful was in the sandbox on the other side of the world and I flew to SC the day he was born, I brought him home (to my sisters house) from the hospital and had him for 5 days when the birth mom called and said that she had changed her mind (she had 10 days to do this and was on day 4 of that 10 days). The loss and grief of that little one and Mr. Wonderful being in another country was the hardest thing I have ever been through.

So this growing miracle is wrapped up with our hopes, dreams, prayers and thoughts that we have carried around with us for 5 years. So much much emotion placed in my heart for this little one. It's quite overwhelming sometimes..I just need to sit and cry a minute or two....God is faithful, His ways are not our ways and His timing not ours. I am just excited and am also glad that we have 8 months to plan for this little one.....

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Boogies for a quarter....

The most wasted of all days is one without laughter. ~e.e. cummings

Last night Mr. Wonderful and I were talking in bed, about this new life growing, names we have in our minds, when we should rearrange the house, on whether or not we want to find out the sex of the baby or wait and be surprised....the conversation some how makes it way to boogies...Now you would have to know that I get grossed out about snot, having to wipe a snotty nose makes me gag....I know....I know...this is something I am going to have to get over..but last night Mr. Wonderful started talking about boogies and how he is going to teach our little one to pick his/her nose and then "take the boogie to Mommy" ...of course I am laughing... then he says.. better yet "take the boogie to Mommy she'll give you a quarter for it....Mommy's the Boogie Fairy!" This man of mine...I am in trouble.....we both were laughing though.....what a way to end the day!

Did your hubby come up with stuff he would teach your kids to do to you? Has he taught them? Did you wait to find out the sex?
Don't forget to laugh today!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


It's almost midnight and I though that I would be fast asleep in dream land by now, but no I am awake. This being pregnant is amazing, emotional and tiring...and I am only at the end of my 5th week. Things at work for my Mr. Wonderful have calmed down a bit and he is arriving home at a normal time (not 8pm but rather 6ish). We had a date night of sorts tonight, went to the movies to see Get Smart and walked through Chick-fil-A before hand to grab some dinner to promptly stuff in my over sized bag and take into the theater....Mr. Wonderful calling me a rebel...hmmm what-ever, I don't want a late dinner and I don't want popcorn for dinner so....rebel indeed.

Researching diapers....what fun, cloth ones, I do not want to do disposables and have always thought that I would do cloth, my Mom did cloth with eight kids, all of us....I can do it! Now to decide which ones? Fuzzi Bunz, Bum Genius, Mommy's Touch, do you decide. I'm looking for diapers that will last through more than one baby, will snaps be a pain...(I'm thinking wiggly baby, Mr. Wonderful trying to change the gets comical in my head...but will he get frustrated?), do I want to have inserts or all-in-ones, certain sizes or the one size fits all kind...I just don't know....Have you used cloth diapers and if you have what you recommend and why?

Babywearing or Babywise...two different ends of the spectrum...I see the virtues of both, combine the two...I think I will but there is SO much information out there.

My in-laws are coming for the weekend, we will be visiting some of the small towns around here, browsing antique shops and flea markets, eating yummy food and enjoying company...ya'll have a great weekend....and let me know what you think about cloth diapers...I know I have a while but it's a big purchase so I want to get a jump on that sooner than later.

Friday, August 8, 2008

The Grass IS really Greener

I've spent a couple hours today here.....

Sleeping, I am so tired today....I didn't know that I could be this tired....and then awake to just feel tired. HAHAHA...this is the "grass is greener on the other side" moment...although this side of the fence yields HIGH rewards...a little miracle baby award. So I'll just stretch out, relax and get more rest, watch the opening ceremony for the Olympics and wait for my Mr. Wonderful to come home. Good thing we have leftover lasagna or enchiladas to choose from as well as yummy spinach salad.
No new projects started (except the growing wee one), the K's are still waiting patiently on my desk for paint, the quilt pieces only shout "look at me, make me into something wonderful!" when I pass them, but I want to do well and make a wonderful quilt, friends told me about a friend that loves to quilt and would love to help show me the way. So, when I get her number and we get a schedule together...quilt progress pictures will be posted. my heavenly Father!!!! I am overwhelmed with emotion sometimes, that he is knitting together in my womb a beautiful child...and He knows, he knows what kind of mamma I will be, what dreams my young one will have, what his/her life will hold. The awesome gift that God gives us...allowing our wombs to be a part of creation! Amazing isn't it?

Monday, August 4, 2008

Some Kinda Wonderful

Yesterday...Sept 4, 2008...we are pregnant! I can hardly believe this, the preggo stick is still sitting on the desk...I actually found out late last night...had the blood test today and guess what!!!!! Mr. Wonderful and I are amazed....he looked at that stick last night and said...."what, what...does this mean, it has a plus sign...does that mean...(with tears in his eyes)"..."yeppers love" said I, "we are having baby, can you believe this?" So April is when our little miracle will make his or her appearance.

We have been trying to get pregnant for almost 5 years...IUI, shots, hormones...a failed adoption this past May...Sunday early afternoon, I was sad, I felt like...that I could not do this anymore...this hoping and trying and testing and hormones and all the other stress...

I think I am in shock....not dis-belief though...I have believed for this, hoped, prayed and dreamed of these moments for a long long time....

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Weekends are made for Resting

It's the weekend ya'll and I would love to be in Cozumel,Mexico...laying one one of those chairs like I did back in January....A girl can have her dreams right? I don't know about you but Saturday and Sundays are sacred....NO WORK ALLOWED...(unless annoyingly absolutely necessary work has to happen). The house keeping work that is, laundry, ironing, moping of floors...etc...The outdoor work....well that is always going on, on the weekends....but not when it's HOT (99 degrees outside). Now I don't have little ones (except for my pups) so I suppose I can get away with a pile (read a LARGE pile) of clothes on the back of the couch waiting patiently to get ironed, a floor that is in bad need of mopping and the lack of a big drawn out dinner on the stove or in the oven. ( I'm thinking it's leftovers tonight.) Mr. Wonderful is at the office working on class work for his THIRD master's degree...UGGGG...studying....I don't know how he keeps it up. Next week is a busy one, a gathering to plan and prepare for, for Thursday night...hmmmm what to make, vet visits, job interviews, cookies to make, Brown Bag Lunch for 45 people to prepare for, jewelry to make, birthday presents to wrap and send, mopping that floor, ironing those clothes....just thinking about it makes me sleepy and since it's Saturday and the pups are sleeping I can get a little nappy in too. I know, KNOW, that when we have little ones...all this is going to change...but for'm relaxing and resting!
What about you...are your weekends rush rush rush and clean clean you have an unwritten rule about what does or does not happen on Saturday's?