Saturday, August 2, 2008

Weekends are made for Resting

It's the weekend ya'll and I would love to be in Cozumel,Mexico...laying one one of those chairs like I did back in January....A girl can have her dreams right? I don't know about you but Saturday and Sundays are sacred....NO WORK ALLOWED...(unless annoyingly absolutely necessary work has to happen). The house keeping work that is, laundry, ironing, moping of floors...etc...The outdoor work....well that is always going on, on the weekends....but not when it's HOT (99 degrees outside). Now I don't have little ones (except for my pups) so I suppose I can get away with a pile (read a LARGE pile) of clothes on the back of the couch waiting patiently to get ironed, a floor that is in bad need of mopping and the lack of a big drawn out dinner on the stove or in the oven. ( I'm thinking it's leftovers tonight.) Mr. Wonderful is at the office working on class work for his THIRD master's degree...UGGGG...studying....I don't know how he keeps it up. Next week is a busy one, a gathering to plan and prepare for, for Thursday night...hmmmm what to make, vet visits, job interviews, cookies to make, Brown Bag Lunch for 45 people to prepare for, jewelry to make, birthday presents to wrap and send, mopping that floor, ironing those clothes....just thinking about it makes me sleepy and since it's Saturday and the pups are sleeping I can get a little nappy in too. I know, KNOW, that when we have little ones...all this is going to change...but for'm relaxing and resting!
What about you...are your weekends rush rush rush and clean clean you have an unwritten rule about what does or does not happen on Saturday's?

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