Friday, August 8, 2008

The Grass IS really Greener

I've spent a couple hours today here.....

Sleeping, I am so tired today....I didn't know that I could be this tired....and then awake to just feel tired. HAHAHA...this is the "grass is greener on the other side" moment...although this side of the fence yields HIGH rewards...a little miracle baby award. So I'll just stretch out, relax and get more rest, watch the opening ceremony for the Olympics and wait for my Mr. Wonderful to come home. Good thing we have leftover lasagna or enchiladas to choose from as well as yummy spinach salad.
No new projects started (except the growing wee one), the K's are still waiting patiently on my desk for paint, the quilt pieces only shout "look at me, make me into something wonderful!" when I pass them, but I want to do well and make a wonderful quilt, friends told me about a friend that loves to quilt and would love to help show me the way. So, when I get her number and we get a schedule together...quilt progress pictures will be posted. my heavenly Father!!!! I am overwhelmed with emotion sometimes, that he is knitting together in my womb a beautiful child...and He knows, he knows what kind of mamma I will be, what dreams my young one will have, what his/her life will hold. The awesome gift that God gives us...allowing our wombs to be a part of creation! Amazing isn't it?

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Cantilina Family said...

Nili Nili Nili!! I am so so excited for you and Ed. Thanks so much for calling to share your news personally! I am praying that your little miracle grows and develops in a healthy and normal way, with God's hand forming and shaping every organ, bone, system, cell. Hope you feel good and can enjoy this miraculous time!

Love you much,