Saturday, August 23, 2008


There is nothing like ending your day knowing that it was a productive one AND the things that you accomplished during the day will last. Mr. Wonderful and I had a most perfect day today...we slept in till 8:30, played with the pups, went for yummy breakfast burritos, stopped in at a yard sale and bought a stand up freezer for $90, cleaned out the garage, the storage room in the garage, took an afternoon nap, mowed and trimmed the yard, finished organizing the recycle bins and tools in the garage, played with the pups, cleaned up and created a very late night dinner....Very Productive Day!!!!! I am tired, but am grateful that we got naps in there. The freezer was an excellent find as Mr. Wonderful is preparing for hunting season and we need a place to put all that wonderful meat. We were hoping to find one soon and there it was in the paper with the yard sale ads....

On another note, we are Seven weeks today, I am feeling great, no morning sickness, just sore girls (that went from a C to a D...crikes) and lots of tired days....sometimes it feels like I can never get enough rest. Oh and the hormones too...watching the Olympics and crying as the men's marathon finished...26 miles...actually I think that I have cried at almost all of the winners finishes...what an accomplishment, what wonderful diligence, what pride of self (in a totally good way) set a goal, love a sport and be the best in the world...makes me tear up just thinking about it.

I talked with one of my sisters yesterday and I told her about a good friend of mine that found out she is pregnant too...about 2 weeks behind me and although she lives in another state we will still be able to share this journey into Mommyhood together. My sister (and she is my best friend and has been since I was born) said she was just made me cry....she was glad that I have a close friend to share this with and the only thing that could make my pregnancy better is if we were pregnant together....I so wanted to be pregnant at the same time as her but life just didn't work out that makes me sad that we won't share those moments but I am grateful that we are close and she still loves the conversations that we are having as I am discovering the joys and pains of pregnancy and the worries and wonders of motherhood.

Did you have a sister or close friend that you were pregnant with? Have you continued to walk through Mommyhood together?


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Congrats to you!

And I did have a close friend I was pregnant with almost for each of my pregnancies- it's a fantastic thing- whether you are close in distance or not- I've found it to be so fun keeping up with other pregnant moms online, too!


Diana P. said...

Nili Girl!
I do have a very close friend i shared my second pregnancy's been wonderful and helpful knowing someone who knows you before AND after baby. We've actually grown closer since this all started. It's a wonderful journey to share with friends!