Wednesday, August 20, 2008

6 Weeks and 4 days....

Today, according to my calculations I am 6 weeks and 4 days pregnant....My first OB appointment is the 2nd of Sept. so I will know then if my dates are right or not. So far only really tired, no morning sickness, food aversions or cravings....I do have some pelvic pain off and on that at first alarmed me but I new that if there is no spotting or cramping then I was ok so....seems like just elevating my feet and taking a nice nap helped take care of the pain.

Reading a lot of information much as I believe that I will be a great Mom and have good instincts....I am still scared and worried, but prayer and believing that God will guide Mr. Wonderful and I helps. I am the last of 8 sisters to conceive...I am a middle child with 3 older sisters and 4 younger all whom have had kids....most of them not having anymore. I think that there are just 2 of us, maybe a 3rd, that are planning on having more. Of course this being my first I know that unless God blesses us with multiples we will hope to get pregnant again. Watching as well as taking some part (helping to potty train and give advice) in the lives of my nephews and nieces I believe will help me be better prepared....but can you truly be prepared.....I don't know.

I am planning on nursing, hopefully exclusively for at least the first 6 months, I know that there are numerous things that can change this, but I come from a long line of women who nurse and well just expect to. I am a stay at home wife at this time, I have worked full/part time off and on since Mr. Wonderful and I married....he is in the Air Force and moving every two to three years doesn't lend itself to great jobs....although there has been a couple wonderful although short term life as far as income and me staying at home will not change once this little one arrives. We are also planning on cloth diapers...lots of reading there and while I know I have time I would like to decide so that we can buy a little at a time or just know what we are saving for.

Mr. Wonderful and I have tried to conceive for 5 years now, and had taken clomid for the past three months and were stunned to stay the least when the preggo stick pulled out a positive line. After you try for so long and hope against hope each and every month only to be disappointed and have to deal..only to start the hoping cycle again. We also experienced a failed adoption of a little boy this past May. Mr. Wonderful was in the sandbox on the other side of the world and I flew to SC the day he was born, I brought him home (to my sisters house) from the hospital and had him for 5 days when the birth mom called and said that she had changed her mind (she had 10 days to do this and was on day 4 of that 10 days). The loss and grief of that little one and Mr. Wonderful being in another country was the hardest thing I have ever been through.

So this growing miracle is wrapped up with our hopes, dreams, prayers and thoughts that we have carried around with us for 5 years. So much much emotion placed in my heart for this little one. It's quite overwhelming sometimes..I just need to sit and cry a minute or two....God is faithful, His ways are not our ways and His timing not ours. I am just excited and am also glad that we have 8 months to plan for this little one.....

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Cantilina Family said...

Hey Nili! Glad to hear you are taking care of yourself, getting rest, and doing LOTS of reading! And, no, nothing can ever truly prepare you for motherhood!!

Wow--cloth diapers. I have never tried them so have no advice.

Yes, indeed, you are totally right about that BIG spectrum of parenting styles and theories...I learned over time that pretty much everyone has their own variation on the many options and you'll soon learn what works for you, Mr. Wonderful, and the Little Miracle. I know for us, we found that the right amount of schedule and routine kept baby happier (Tom called me the Nap Nazi), while enough spontaneity now and then kept us sane. I'm thinking our newest little one will need to be able to roll with the punches a little bit more with an older brother in middle school and an older sister on the swim team!

Love your weblog! Keep the amazing, thoughtful posts coming!

Love you, friend.