Thursday, August 14, 2008


It's almost midnight and I though that I would be fast asleep in dream land by now, but no I am awake. This being pregnant is amazing, emotional and tiring...and I am only at the end of my 5th week. Things at work for my Mr. Wonderful have calmed down a bit and he is arriving home at a normal time (not 8pm but rather 6ish). We had a date night of sorts tonight, went to the movies to see Get Smart and walked through Chick-fil-A before hand to grab some dinner to promptly stuff in my over sized bag and take into the theater....Mr. Wonderful calling me a rebel...hmmm what-ever, I don't want a late dinner and I don't want popcorn for dinner so....rebel indeed.

Researching diapers....what fun, cloth ones, I do not want to do disposables and have always thought that I would do cloth, my Mom did cloth with eight kids, all of us....I can do it! Now to decide which ones? Fuzzi Bunz, Bum Genius, Mommy's Touch, do you decide. I'm looking for diapers that will last through more than one baby, will snaps be a pain...(I'm thinking wiggly baby, Mr. Wonderful trying to change the gets comical in my head...but will he get frustrated?), do I want to have inserts or all-in-ones, certain sizes or the one size fits all kind...I just don't know....Have you used cloth diapers and if you have what you recommend and why?

Babywearing or Babywise...two different ends of the spectrum...I see the virtues of both, combine the two...I think I will but there is SO much information out there.

My in-laws are coming for the weekend, we will be visiting some of the small towns around here, browsing antique shops and flea markets, eating yummy food and enjoying company...ya'll have a great weekend....and let me know what you think about cloth diapers...I know I have a while but it's a big purchase so I want to get a jump on that sooner than later.

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