Saturday, October 25, 2008

Baby Movement! I was the other day....just a stressing out...and I thought that I may have felt the baby move last weekend but was not sure. Then today......OHHHHH TODAY.....I am sure that I felt this little one move!!!! Mr. Wonderful and I did some yard work this morning and we were relaxing on the hammock...talking about our spring garden plans, the fact that we need to replace the whole back fence, the baby's arrival in April and all the other stuff that this paradise of a life is bringing us. While we were talking I felt IT, I thought the other day I might I told my Wonderful...rather exclaimed to him...I felt the baby move...I'm sure that is what I felt! So he pressed his hand on my tummy..Mr. W, I said, you probably won't feel it on the outside yet...but then he said...I felt something..was that you? No...not me...I felt it too from the inside....It's the BABY! We almost started crying...big grins...big thanks in my heart! He kept his hand pressed and WE both felt the baby move around a couple more times....
I'm so very grateful that God heard my stress and my heart the other day and he decided that today was the day...
Mr. Wonderful, and our pups...Elliot and Austin

Friday, October 24, 2008

16 weeks

16 weeks today...I thought I would "feel" more pregnant...whatever that is supposed to "feel" like. I don't know and my belly is still quite smooshy...I thought that it would get harder...not that I have any rock hard abs to help out in that area. And I so want to feel the baby move, I think to myself that when I start to feel the flutters that I will be at peace more that everything is okay. The waiting 4 weeks since that last appointment to hear the heartbeat or see the baby is soooooo looooooong. When I woke up this morning and looked at my belly in the mirror, in some ways it does not look that different then when I weighed a lot more than I did at the start of this pregnancy. 11 years ago I was well over 200pds and while I am well under that number at this point, I remember my body from when I weighed that much. I guess it is just my mind playing tricks on me...I just want to know that everything is okay that the baby is growing and developing right. At the end of this 7 Friday...I will be on month 5!!!!! Whooohoooo, time is flying by.
I guess I just want to be assured that I am feeling and growing just like I should. OB appointment on Tuesday so I guess just a couple more days until I can rest a little easier.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

End of week 15

Here are my first belly pics (well the first I am posting) these are both 15 week pictures. The first in Sepia and so sorry not that clear...when I say I am interested in photography it is obviously not my own photos apparently I need to learn to use my camera features.... I was hesitant to post photos of the belly but after several friends called with a hello where are the belly pictures..well I had to post. Or they are just going to have to travel a thousand plus miles to some see the growing belly! Ha! The one is color is a little better with detail. Now I had only gained 2 pounds by my 12 week appointment and I have this months appointment next week so I am interested in finding out what I have gained. Over all I think (I hope) that I am doing well. Still no baby flutters that I can feel (I think I might have felt something the other night but am not really sure).

This next batch is my Halloween mantle...quite pleased with the Trick Or Treat blocks...some spouses at the base had them for sale for $7 and I have been on the look out for something just like plan is to find a Thanksgiving or a Give Thanks sign or blocks or something...I guess I will know when I see it. Here are close ups of either end of the mantle and the blocks....the pumpkins I found at Hobby Lobby on sale thankUveryMuch and I love did I say LOVE the big one....

and the little gourds and pumpkin stuff at the market for next to nothing....good finds!!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

1st Baby Pics

This is our first appointment picture, 8 weeks and 4 days, I was feeling great!
Second appointment, 12 weeks and 4 days...although our little growing one only measured 12 weeks 2 days. Here are a couple more pictures...
I still look at this pictures on the fridge every day in amazement! We are going to have a baby! There is a little life growing inside of me, I can't wait to feel him/her move, I can't believe how fast they grow!

Monday, October 13, 2008


It's after 12...noon that is, sitting here on the couch....still in my pj's (kinda..I did brush my teeth and comb my hair...doesn't that count for something???)...watching a movie...thinking of the stuff I would like to bake, make, cook...
Christmas is just around the corner and I have 7 sisters that I need to get their gifts started, my plan is to make all the gifts this year, my sisters not to hard...Mr. Wonderful's family...well some of them we only only see during the holidays and well...I really don't know them and they don't know me and now....I am going to have to come up with something. This is when living far far away in a foreign country is very helpful...just pick up something that they would not have (small but interesting and usable...hopefully), wrap and ship...problem solved. But now....last year I had left overs from living in Turkey, this year not so I am thinking...thinking...thinking.

Apple pie...I want some and corn chowder and banana bread, homemade bread, potato soup, chicken pot pie......I am so hungry...but I am in my pj's and do not want to go to the grocery...I swear if they had delivery in this little town I would order from the grocery right now...but they do not. I think that a grill cheese might have to do for now and then a trip to the grocery will have to happen.

Mr. Wonderful is in his own paradise...hunting...I was 3 day weekend we can have some fun...well...I am on the couch in my pj's and he is off hunting...again....Friday afternoon and evening...we prepared for a garage sale...yay...$340ish dollars made!!!!....Saturday, after the money making garage alone all night....Sunday afternoon and alone all night...this morning and possibly for the rest of the alone...well I have the pups and some movies that I have not seen in a while....while I love that Mr. Wonderful hunts and he loves to go and it makes the stress of his job seem not so bad when he can get out in the woods and do what he does....I hate sitting alone so much. Last night I did go to Hastings and purchased a pregnancy yoga DVD and book...but I don't have $$ to spend so heading to the mall to poke around is not that appealing and well...good thing hunting season only lasts so long.

Not much else happening, I am growing...I woke up a couple days ago and could only think...this is not my body...things are changing, shifting and here we are...first trimester down...week 14 ...yay!!! I am feeling good, aside from lots of bloating and some still sore (but not as much) girls and clothing not fitting nice..except for pj's....too bad I cannot wear them always...This is becoming real....I still go to the fridge and look at the ultrasound pictures in wonder and amazement that....that I have a life, a little one...a brand new human...with brand new thoughts and ideas and silliness and looks and never been on this earth before wonder, growing inside of me...this is real...what I have been waiting for...for forever I feel...5 years of infertility and now we are going to have a hopes are being dream is coming true!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Long time no post.....

Well, it's been quite a while ya'll...
Mr. Wonderful and I had quite a lovely time in New Orleans
This is us on Bourbon Street the 2nd night we were there. Happy 40th to my friend Sarah! We also visited several plantation homes along the Mississippi River this one was my favorite...
it is Oak Alley Plantation, they also have a BB here and Mr. Wonderful and I are keeping that little nugget in the back of our minds as we make future holiday plans.

A huge congratulations to Mr. Wonderful!!!! He pinned on Major the last day of September, the ceremony was really special and we had a wonderful time with both sets of parents here visiting us in are a couple of pictures from that day...

Mr. Wonderful's parents, the new Major and I and my parents...this is the first time they have met each other since we got married almost 6 years ago!
The pinning, we were in a little friendly competition to see who could remove the Captains bars and pin the Major's the fastest....whoooohoooo...I won!The handshake, after the salute, after the Oath of Duty.
Mr. Wonderful surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers!

A little baby update for you....I am now 13 weeks and 6 days pregnant! We are almost past the ever important first trimester. We had our second OB appointment last week and the baby looks perfect (two arms, two legs...the bone structure so clearly visible)! I am doing good, only 2pds gained so far, my BP is great and the doctor said that I was growing this baby good! We have not heard the heartbeat yet...something I am anticipating...doc says next month and then the month after that we should find out if we are having a little boy or girl (I can't think of a better Christmas present!). Mr. Wonderful says we are having a girl, whenever I think of this little growing one, I think we shall see.
I shopped for night bras as well as some materity clothes....I will have to save that shopping experience for another post.
I guess that is all for now...not much happenning in Paradise this week...I hope you are enjoying the beginnings of Fall and all the beauty of this magical season!