Thursday, October 23, 2008

End of week 15

Here are my first belly pics (well the first I am posting) these are both 15 week pictures. The first in Sepia and so sorry not that clear...when I say I am interested in photography it is obviously not my own photos apparently I need to learn to use my camera features.... I was hesitant to post photos of the belly but after several friends called with a hello where are the belly pictures..well I had to post. Or they are just going to have to travel a thousand plus miles to some see the growing belly! Ha! The one is color is a little better with detail. Now I had only gained 2 pounds by my 12 week appointment and I have this months appointment next week so I am interested in finding out what I have gained. Over all I think (I hope) that I am doing well. Still no baby flutters that I can feel (I think I might have felt something the other night but am not really sure).

This next batch is my Halloween mantle...quite pleased with the Trick Or Treat blocks...some spouses at the base had them for sale for $7 and I have been on the look out for something just like plan is to find a Thanksgiving or a Give Thanks sign or blocks or something...I guess I will know when I see it. Here are close ups of either end of the mantle and the blocks....the pumpkins I found at Hobby Lobby on sale thankUveryMuch and I love did I say LOVE the big one....

and the little gourds and pumpkin stuff at the market for next to nothing....good finds!!!!

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