Monday, September 1, 2008

6 Weeks New

We are 8 weeks now...this little one is six weeks new...looking at pictures and reading how she/he is growing and changing week to week is amazing. Our first OB appointment is tomorrow! I am excited and nervous too....what if he does not see anything? What if this pregnancy is not real? I know the preggo stick had a big plus and the blood test confirmed and then more tests to show my hormone levels also confirmed the changes happening in my body.....It is just that we have waited for 5 long years to get pregnant, had several long cycles....and well I guess I feel cautious and hopeful.....I wonder if other women have questions like this? I have been pretty lucky far only fatigue, sore girls and a little bit of mood swings...nothing morning sickness or nausea...for that I am grateful....although Mr. Wonderful said, "shouldn't you be getting sick? Is everything ok with the baby if you do not?" I know the stats that 15% of pregnant women do not experience morning sickness so.....I just remind him of that percentage and tell him of several people I know that never had morning sickness. The funny thing is that his questions make me wonder too....I guess that is all normal. I just can't wait for tomorrow.

There is also a small chance that we could have twins as we were on fertility meds when we we will find that out tomorrow too. I have no ideas/thoughts/feeling towards whether we are having one or two. Mr. Wonderful teases me that there are two in there...but then he says that he really does not know...that he just wants to tease me...nice...thanks babe!

I guess that is it for now....I will post tomorrow....I am anticipating the visit as if I was starting the first day of school or a new job....I guess in some ways it is a "new school or job"....I just hope I can sleep tonight....I'm sure that that will not be a problem though.
Did you have questions and doubts about even being pregnant before you had your first appointment?

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