Monday, September 8, 2008

Not so much....

Today has ended up being a Not So Much kinda day...I went to bed last night with a lil headache and woke up this morning feeling pretty good...still a little headache so I took my time this morning. My plan for the day was to get the bathrooms cleaned up, laundry done, ironing completed, clean the kitchen (as I have just rinsed and stacked the dishes since Sat...yuck...I know...but at least they are rinsed). I completed a half of one of them...geez......I had (still have a lil one but not as bed) a horrible headache that sent me to the couch with a cold compress and lots of sleep. And then it started to rain and our puppy Austin needed to come inside....oh the dog wrestling that starts, the noise...just gets on my nerves, if they could wrestle/play silently that would be wonderful....too bad I don't have a mute button to press in their direction. And then the doorbell rings....the package of birthday gifts that I have tried to send my sister TWICE is back on my front porch...wrong address twice now (I had her old address memorized but then she had to go and move to a nice new big house and change her address in the process) I called her of course...we figured out the problem...I had Glenn Haven Ct instead of Lynn Haven Ct and the zip code was all mixed up....who knows...Glenn and Lynn sound alike. So my nephews gift will be very late and hopefully when I send this off tomorrow..for the last will not arrive at my door step but rather hers in time for my nieces birthday.
Oh and I have not completed by bible study heart-work yet either, looks like I might be doing the last two days tomorrow morning....yuck...not what I wanted either.
So, today, Not So Much kind of day...the master bathroom is almost done, I just need to finish the floors and find the Windex (Mr. Wonderful used it last and I have no idea where he might of placed was in a compartment in his truck...cause he never knows when he might need to clean the windows...WHAT????) so I can clean the mirrors. Nothing else completed, dishes still stacked on the counter, laundry still in piles, clothes still waiting to be ironed, bible study needing to be accomplished and the wrestling continues.....
I have to have my house clean...we leave Thursday for vacation and I love to walk into a clean know when you walk in and think....the cleaning fairy has been here...and even though you are the cleaning have not had to clean for at least a couple days because you were on vacation....and once you arrive home from said vacation you almost need another vacation to recover from the vacation you were know...the laundry and "stuff" that ends up in a common room in your home once you unload the car and suitcases. Plus trips to the grocery and all the other errands that need to be caught up on....So my house must be clean...and I mean CLEAN by Thursday....the less stuff that I have to do when I get home from vacation...the less stuff that is waiting for me....the better.
I hope that tomorrow will be a better more productive day. I hope tomorrow and Wednesday are not....Not So Much Days!

What about you, do you have to have everything clean before you leave the house on a vacation? Do you stay up late the night before you leave to make sure that EVERYTHING is clean and done? Or can you just not worry about it...or are you so organized that everything is always done and there is no mad cleaning rush to that last day at home before a vacation?

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Diana P. said...

I leave the windex in my car too! And the house situation; so honest - so real, so like my house! Hope you are having better days! xoxo