Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Day After...

Here we are, new president in the wings....I am proud to be an American, proud of my country, proud of my freedoms! I didn't vote for the president elect....I am however interested to see how he does, what he does and how the American people will respond. I have always been proud to be an American and living in a foreign country from 2005-2007 made me even more American in my heart. Being a Air Force spouse and saying goodbye to my Mr. Wonderful every 12 months for three, four or six long me a greater appreciation for the sacrifices that the countless brave men, women and their families have made every day since the founding of this nation...instills a pride of America in me. I cannot stand and place my hand on my heart and pledge to Our Flag...with out crying. Nor can I stand and raise my water glass in honor to our MIA and POWS with out realizing the sacrifices that our made for this freedom we hold so dear.

That being said I do not understand how someone can say "Now, I am proud to be an American..."or "After eight long years I am proud to be an American." and no I am not speaking of Mrs. Obama (although that does cause me to pause)...I am speaking of several friends of mine. My patriotism does not come from who the President is, what political party is in "power", how other people and other countries view America....No, my patriotism and love for America comes from inside me...from my core values, beliefs and life; from who I believe this country is, the hope she offers and the freedom she gives. Other friends have said "Well, I am sure glad my vote counted in this election" as if somehow mine did not or their vote did not in the past if they voted for the "other guy". That is like saying, I do not want to play the game if I cannot "win". Sorry folks someone always has to "lose". But that does not mean that your vote didn't count or your voice was not heard.
These next four years will be interesting, these last eight have been interesting. I am willing to give Mr. Obama a chance...why not, don't we all deserve a chance....I am also going to pray for him and for this country. I hope you voted, I hope you exercised your right to make your voice heard...a right and a voice that many on this great planet do not have...a right our brave men and women continue to fight for. Whom ever you voted for I hope that you are proud to be an American!
I know I am.

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