Wednesday, June 17, 2009

home from the summer holiday...

home from holiday...check
never wanting to do a long drive across the country with an infant again...check
mail gone through...check
bills paid...check
grocery shopping finished...check
car at dealership getting checked out...check (thank goodness for warranties)
crying babe nursed...check
that same babe down for nap...check

now to...
put away groceries
sort laundry
process laundry
clean bathrooms
clean kitchen
clean floors
organize guest room/study
organize coat closet
purge house of non-needed stuff
organize house
modify the babes schedule for better naps, playing, eating and sleeping
bathe dog
download holiday pics

and the list goes on and on....


Sarah J. said...

It was so nice to see you and your family! I feel ya sista!!! I am in the same boat ~ being on the road the last 3 weekends I feel like I was on 1 very long road trip.. I just unpacked 3 times more so the laundry is piling up! Cant wait to see you again, hopefully during the Holidays! PLease give my love to your awesome hubby and wish him a Happy Fathers Day from me! I guess I need to start sending out Dad's day cards to all the Brothers I have...We need our own Hallmark store dont we?!?!
I said it once but it is worth repeating...Motherhood looks good on you honey, your life is finally complete and it shows all over your beautiful face!

Andrea said...

Wow!! You are keeping busy!

Where would you like your next assignment?? We are at a point where we will be told where they need him next. I'm not so good at letting others control certain aspects of my life. Where I will live is not one of them!