Friday, January 16, 2009

28 weeks down...12 to go

84 more days and counting till due date. I am feeling great. Somewhat tired (I expected this) and sleeping is good as long as I have plenty of pillows for support and don't mind the roll and shuffle to the toilet. Her kicks are getting stronger and her total body movement feels really weird.

I am reading The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding right now. I plan on breastfeeding and would like to exclusively for at least the first 6 months. It amazes me how many women (SAHM) I know choose not to breastfeed their baby...there are a lot that do don't get me something so pure and natural can be discarded so quickly is sad to me (some women cannot, this I know and I also think that if a new Mom does not have support, continuing to breastfeed through pain and complications can be very hard). My Mom fed all eight of her girls and my sisters have all breastfed their children so I never questioned myself...breast or formula...I've always known that I would breastfeed.

Hubby and I are finding new homes for all the stuff that was in the study. Our guest room is now the study/craft room/guest room. We have just about everything for the nursery now, just need to pick out a paint color, paint the dresser and get everything in there and organized. I can't wait to see it all together. We have a fabulous wall hanging and a handmade carpet from our tour in Turkey that I bought with a nursery in mind.

The bumGenius diapers arrived on Wednesday...they are so cute! I am still a little intimidated at the process of cloth diapers but am determined also. I bought 12 and am planning on waiting until I actually try them on her little bum before I buy 12 more. I still have to get the wet bags and a couple more doublers/inserts along with a diaper sprayer. I am also looking for a bum spray/bottom cleaner that I can make myself. The ones that I have seen online are pretty pricey and I know that I read a recipe on a blog somewhere....I just need to find it again.

Hubby and I have a small vacation coming up to Sedona in February (long car ride...but we know I am going to have to stop and walk and pee). When we booked this vacation I was not pregnant...we planned on lots of outdoor hikes and Grand Canyon bliss....that is all going to have to wait, although we can walk to the rim and see! And I think the walking and getting out of the house will be great for me. I will be at the beginning of my eighth month and hope that I will feel good then as I do now.

I hope you are having a fabulous January! oh and by the way....looks like we are staying big moves projected for now!

Peace and Joy!

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Mommy Mo said...

HI Nili!

What a pretty name you have!

I saw that you are following my blog and I wanted to come check out yours. Congrats on the pregnancy and yes, of course, you should breastfeed. Breast is best, right? I'm sure your sisters have already filled you in on all the gory details, but BF'ing CAN hurt in the beginning, only because your body isn't accustomed to it. Stick with it- it does get easier- promise.

Also, one of my best friends and her husband used to be stationed in Abilene, then they moved on to Alaska, then on to Arkansas. I even visited her in Abilene once! They are now out of the Air Force.

I hope to see you around again. Lisa