Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sweet Joy

This weekend Hubby and I attended a local telethon/concert/fundraiser. Hubs won/purchased a much needed gun safe in an auction and I experienced the sweet joy of sharing...which much to Hubs dismay and concern left me quietly crying and then trying to explain...which only helped in bringing a fresh bout of tears (oh fun they are).

Babies are matter the circumstances that bring them into the world...the miracle of life...the newness of a brand new human...JOY! As long as I can remember I have shared the joy of this newness with sisters, family and friends. Sometimes I was the "I will be excited for you, even though I know this is unexpected and you are unsure of everything...a baby after all!" and other times...."lets get a shower together and make sure this new Momma feels special and the family has what they need". No matter how hard for me (infertility for 5 years is a journey in and of itself) when I have heard of a friend becoming a Momma for the 1st or 5th time I am excited...excited for them...for the new life that is created...the process of newness...such joy.

So last night at this concert a woman asked when my baby was due and I shared with her...the JOY that came from overwhelmed me...but in a really good way. She asked if this was my first and then told me congratulations with the biggest smile as though we shared some sort of secret....and I suppose we do although I have never met her before.

I was overwhelmed and still become so when I think about this sharing of sweet joy. For a stranger to share my joy...for my sisters, family and friends to share this miracle of life, this joy and to become a Mama and smile and share in this secret of giving's just sweet joy!

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Sarah J. said...

your friends around the world are sharing in your joy honey....its like you finally can join the 'club' even though you have been a mommy in your heart for many years now....I am thanksful you have been there for me in my joy and sorrow and I hope I can be supportive to you even though we are far apart :)Love you!