Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas is up!

Well, my meager Christmas decorations are done. We did not put up the big tree with all it's wonderful lights this year. Just too much that has to be done to make that happen. The dresser in the guest room would have to be moved to make space for the desk that is in the dining room. The desk has to be moved to make room for the smaller couch that is in the living room and the couch would have to be moved to make room for the ginormous tree. After we went to the storage room and pulled the Christmas boxes and crates out, Mr. Wonderful, who would love to have the big tree out said, "why don't we just move the black chair and put the big tree in the corner?" Once I explained that our tree in all her twinkling lights and Christmas glory would not fit in the corner and what would have to be moved in order to give her room...the moving that he would have to do mostly by himself...cause ya know I can't move heavy furniture....he quickly changed his mind. So, here are the decorations....
First, my lovely door wreath...I wanted to do a "winter" wreath instead of a purely Christmas one, so I can use it for the rest of the winter.
The little stars have been sitting patiently in my craft box since...well I think 1997 or something like that. They were from a little project that I did with a pre-school class that I taught. They were just plain dough baked stars and the K is a little wooden one that I bought at the craft store. A little silver paint...and a wreath is born.

Since we opted not to move all the furniture...I bought another small tree and decorated it to match some glass birds that I bought at Target. The tree, birds and a couple of pine cones were perfect for the fabulous hand painted bird on a branch table runner I bought from Kimba at her Etsy shop.
Here is another view of the table...don't mind the stack of gifts that are waiting to be wrapped...and hey did you notice? I have my K's up!

And then there is the mantle..and I know a fabulous larger than life garland is just begging to make it's home there...this mantle is just too perfect to not have a garland. But funds are limited this year and well....I did not have the mother-load of garland and garlandy stuff just sitting around the I will have to make one next year..So here it is, my mantle, I can't do a close up...the dang thing is too long, but...I do have the second mini tree, my Christmas tree star-topper collection, a nativity and the Christmas angel (that is usually looking out over the room from her regular place, on top of the tree).

And not to be left out...last but not least....
A little iron tree, my ornament tree for this year. There was no way that I was going to keep all these packed away for another whole I found this tree 50% off at Kohls and there ya go.

I guess I am a little sad that the big tree is not up and out this year. But, I am glad to not hassle with it. The work of moving the furniture around the house, getting the tree up and all the lights working and then not having that extra sitting room in the living room...the month that we need it the most...some times it can be good not to put up the big tree.

Hope you are having a wonderful couple of weeks before Christmas!

Peace and Joy!

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Casual Friday Everyday said...

Looks very nice to me. We didn't do much this year since we're expecting any day/week now.