Monday, July 25, 2011

Mama Loves

Mama Loves...

a sleepy snuggly Lil' PeaPie
all the colors of the rainbow in my dishwasher
"i'm making music, Mama!"
pan-popped popcorn afternoons
coffee tables full of puzzles and color pages
impromptu "i love you's"
followed by
kisses and hugs
"where are we going today?"
the stack of library books that scream...
read me! read me!
every time we pass them
Lil' PeaPie's grin and laughter
laughter that
warms my soul
"my Deda is home...that's MY Deda!"
giggles and pitter patter of little feet running
round and round
hearing ears (even if I have to have a little help)
new menu ideas
old tried and true favorites
the local farmer's market
creating and serving a dish of love
a Deda that loves to grill
making new friends
keeping up the the ones that are made of gold
5 minute nakey-time
my own personal streaker
his blue/brown/green eyes
Turkish carpets
gifted iPad and it's fabulous cover
my "lil' old man" Elliot
our "he's outa control" Austin
rain and the smell of rain
eyes that can see
handmade quilts
sewing strips and creating beauty
quilt and pillow forts
my size 12's
seeing what I have not seen before
seeing through a 2 year old's eyes/heart
"can Mama hold you?" arms up
and these hands
handsful of life...

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Nikibug said...

Awe! Love it Nili!