Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What??? We are growing a BOY????

Well...this week has held a surprising beginning. We had our 30 week Ultrasound on Monday and guess what????? We are NOT having a GIRL! We are having a BOY! While I was unable to see the monitor very well...ya know they have you laying down and the screen was not pointed in (my) the right direction....my Mr. Wonderful was able to see everything and this growing babe is a BOY with out a doubt. I am not really surprised...whenever I have just sat and thought about this baby I have always thought BOY...even after the doc was 85% sure we were growing a girl (at a 20 week sonogram). We have waited (thankfully) to decorate the nursery and go all out and buy lots of girlie stuff b/c we wanted to be sure of the gender of this little miracle.

I am a girlie-girl of sorts so a lil' sad to find out that I have to put the couple of cute dresses and shoes away (or save then for some awesome baby gifts) and that I am not going to be a mom to a girl just yet....but...there is nothing like a Momma's boy!

My little guy is measuring in the 60th %, 3pds 9oz (approx)....so 9 weeks and 3 days to go!!! I am nervous and excited. Cloth diapers are bought (although I am exchanging the pink ones for blue ones), I have pretty much everything we need for the first 3 months clothing wise. I had quite a bit of gender neutral stuff and a nice stash of boy stuff from our failed adoption...I actually had more boy stuff then girl stuff after I went through everything yesterday...Hubby is excited about that...ya know less $$ for me to have to spend!

Now we just have to decide on a name and start putting together the little guys room...we are planning a vintage cowboy theme and living here in the heart of Texas well that won't be too hard.

I'd love to know who is stopping by....please say hello with a comment!

Happy Love Month!


Doris said...

I stopped by today! I also bought the fabric I wanted for a boy quilt! I am super excited for you and your Bug!

Amy said...

Hi Nili, Sounds like you are taking each turn of events in stride! How exciting to have a little boy on the way. I remember when we had Jared--we did not kinow the gender before he was born--I was afraid I wouldn't know how to love a little boy. Let me tell you, however, as soon as he was born I couldn't have imagined it being any other way! vWhat a lucky little guy to have you and Ed to love him. Cowboy theme sounds fun! Can't wait to see photos! We are getting LIlly's room together...nearly there!

Love you, Amy

Andrea said...

Hello again! I am sooo behind but I saw your news on Google Reader! That happened to a friend of mine that worked at Hendrick, but she found out on delivery day!

You will love boys (I have both genders). I wanted a boy first because I always an older brother. Congratulations~time is near!