Monday, February 16, 2009


~6 years ago today hubby and I married.....marrying him is the smartest and most wonderful things I could ever do for myself....I L. O. V. E. My Love

~My baby belly has gotten SO BIG....I cannot fathom how much larger it will grow in the next 7 weeks and 3 days.

~Our holiday to Sedona AZ last week was wonderful.

~We bought paint for the nursery today.

~Forgiveness and Love are powerful and wonderful.

~This little guy in my belly is having a party..I think.

~It's 11:33pm and I should be sleeping.

~We have decided to keep the lil' guy's name a secret...I LOVE his name!

~My sister is flying in to see me for almost 2 weeks!

~I have no idea why I am writing this post this way.

~I made the yummiest Apple Pecan Bread yesterday.

~Nothing is better than clean shiny newly mopped floors...well unless you did not have to mop them....and your back hurts....but the shine and smell are worth it.

~Heartburn is from hell.

~I need to clear my dining room table of all the paperwork that came out of the office that is now the nursery.

~I did not buy a Valentine or an Anniversary card this year for my hubby...he always forgets to buy me one and then when I give him mine he feels bad and I get I decided to skip the whole card thing this year...he never felt bad and I never felt sad.

~Hubby brought me breakfast in bed this morning....he is very sweet.

~I can't wait to be a Mom to this lil' guy.

~I hope and pray that I will be an awesome Mom.

~Say HI if you stop by.....


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Doris said...

Hi, I stopped by. Here is a thought, as your little man gets bigger you will become more thoughtful of all the things that have passed and all the things to come. You will be a wonderful Mamma! No worries, it's in your blood.. I love you!