Sunday, July 26, 2009


There is Magic in these moments, my days are quickly passing by....

We have settled into some nice predictable days here....I wouldn't say a schedule...I am not a schedule type Mama at all. But Ren is sleeping for 6 to 8 hours a night, breastfeeding and taking his naps during the day well....
Our days go something like this
7-7:30am wake up, diaper change, then we head to the floor for play time
8:30-45ish nurses and down for naps
10:30ish up from naps, diaper change, get dressed for the day and off to do errands
between 12 and 1; nurses, has playtime then down for naps
around 3-3:30 up from naps, diaper change and then more errands or playtime, reading, helping (watching) mama clean, etc...
by 5pm usually nursing, then more playtime, helping Mama or playing with Daddy
diaper change
7pm nursing , quiet play, reading
8pm bathtime
massage, PJ's, books, prayers, nursing
Ren falls asleep between 9 and 10pm and sleeps until between 4 or 6am, nurses and goes back to sleep.
So this Mama can't complain too much. I love these days...seems like there is magic in the air, Ren's giggles, sighs, babbles and sweet baby snuggles are the best! I knew that I would love being a Mama....but I had no idea the depth of this...of these magic days of love.....
Ren and his new Snuggle Bunny from Nova Naturals, I love their stuff and after looking through their many things to buy for Ren as he grows and discovers the world around him.

I am planning on introducing Ren to solids between his 6th and 7th month and am reading (Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron) and preparing to start making his food. I am excited about this transition that is coming up but am not looking forward to the change in poo....yuck!

Speaking of cloth diapers are still going fabulous...I wash every other day some times every third day and the clothing line outside is a huge time saver. None of the things that I stressed about (getting build up, using the wrong detergent, the diapers retaining smell) have happened and I am loving the Organic Bum Genuis more than I initially thought that I would. They are super absorbent, less bulky and I do not have to stuff them. Although they take longer to dry then the others hanging them outside eliminates that issue altogether.

We already talk of adding to our family..and as much as I want to I know that I am not ready just yet.....and still exclusively breast feeding helps me not stress too much about getting pregnant as my chances are pretty low. If we do, we do...I just don't want to take anytime away from Ren right now. I know that time is fleeting and I will never have this time again...the time of only one child to give my time too. I love the time I get to spend with Ren and the magic of each and every day that we have.


Amy said...

I love hearing about your magical, predictable, fun days together! Sounds like mommyhood is treating you very very well! Ren sounds like a delight!

Please give Rebecca a hug from me! Just as you touched my heart in Turkey, she has touched my heart here in FL. You are both special women of God!

Much love,

Andrea said...

Sweet! Busy days. Are you scheduling "you" time? :o)

I'm glad that he is an easy baby! That makes it even more fun.

Nell said...

Oh those eyes. Oh those cheeks. Baby faces and love are the best!


Sarah J. said...

Of course this blog made me happy for you and sad for me and the days that have already gone by with my 'babies' are a wonderful Mama and it is awesome to see you enjoying every delicious moment of it!

Chelle said...

He's adorable! And I love reading about other momma's days, too...your days sound wonderful!

By the husband (and I before I was a stay at home momma) were stationed in Incirlik, too! I worked at the HAWC--you and your husband look familiar. Did he work at the hospital? My husband worked in the hospital, too :)