Wednesday, October 7, 2009

6 Have Flown

It's been a while...once again. Just finding time to sit down and put some thoughts together has proven itself a challenge around here. Ren is keeping me on my toes, Mama work is weary work, but a good weary (weary weary weary weary weary...say that a couple times in a row and see if you don't sound like Bugs Bunny).

My little fighter is sleeping better, we have adjusted his night time routine...dinner at 6, then bath, then a little play time, prayers with Dada, then off to his room for a book, nursing, rocking and singing...I am out of the room by 8:20 (we are hoping to push this up a little so he is asleep by 7:30ish but considering he was going to bed 9:30-10ish, we are doing good) He is not crying very long (thank the Lord in heaven) and is waking about 5:30 in the morning for nursing and then back to sleep until 7 something. So YAY...I am a little less stressed.

Nap time however is now the battle we are fighting, Ren sleeps a couple times a day (3 to 4) about 30 to 45 minutes each...and in his I would like to get him to two long naps (ya know one morning, one afternoon and in his bed) (so I can get some stuff done around here)). Oh and my sweet boy had his six month appointment....he is 16pds 13 oz and 26 1/2 inches long. In his 6 to 9 (or to 12) size clothes. He is sitting up like a champ, loves his jumpy and has the best giggles! We started him on solids and he is eating; sweet potatoes, pears, avocado, banana, mango and cereal...we are trying new things every 4 days. No teeth budding up just yet and he always has his fingers in his mouth.

Ren's 6 month appointment photo

We are getting some stuff done around here...going through closets and organizing spaces to prepare for a move (to SC) and possibly a pack-out and move (to a new base) this coming year. I can hardly believe that half a year has flown by, when the nurse was weighing Ren I could not help but think about our first appointment with them and how little Ren was and how tired I was and worried. Worried that I was doing something wrong, not nursing enough, holding him too much or too little...and a dozen other thoughts swirling in my head and heart.

How did you tackle naps with your little ones?

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mary said...

What a cutie! I miss the infant stage. I don't miss the lack of sleep though.