Thursday, November 19, 2009

Righting My World

Hello...Thanks for have reached cranky, Ren Inc. may I help you?
Goodness this baby of his's the lil pearly whites making their debut but still....and crying...crying but not for real...cause he can't have his way...oh my! I was hoping this fit throwing might hold off for a couple more months a least but no....
Last night at dinner he wanted to hold the spoon...and put his hand out every-time to grab it....which all-in-all is not that big of a deal but it was dinner time and this Mama needs her boy to lean that dinner time is for eating and not playing. So I told Ren no and then tried to keep feeding him. 30 (or so give or take a few) No's later...Ren is crying...but not real tears...just peeking out at Mama every-now-and-then to see if I am paying attention and then when he sees me looking at him he smiles and goes for the spoon...Ha...sneaky lil guy. So, I let him "cry" and just sat there waiting for him to finish. Then when he was done I gave him a couple bites of food and then went and got a little wooden spoon for him to hold while he finished eating...and finish eating dinner he did. I just have to keep telling myself that my will is greater than his!

And in the middle of all the fits and non tear inducing crying and I am frustrated...Ren gives me a lil ole grin....and my world it is righted again...
the end.

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Nell said...

awwww, such sweetness and truth in this post. My little guy is cutting a few new ones now too.