Thursday, November 26, 2009


I am so very very Thankful for all the goodness that God has blessed me and my little family cup runneth over.


Nell said...

Oh those pictures just speak a thousand words!


rebekah said...

Amen! x

Heather of the EO said...

Your cup DOES runneth over, you sweet lady!

(Mine too) :)

AND you won my Dan Zanes giveaway!!! So there you have it, a couple more splashes of water for your cup :)

Email me your mailing address and I'll send you the DVD/CD soonly.
(fullcircle(underscore)doula(at sign)yahoo(dot)com)

woooo hooooo!

Liz said...

Thank you so very much for your prayers yesterday! These sweet pictures melted my heart, you have such a wonderful family! May God bless you.

....Vanessa said...

Nili, say thanks to your husband for me and my family for serving our great country. Also, kudos to you--you sound like a very loving, supportive wife.