Monday, March 22, 2010

9 Days and Missing

To go....till my lil pea-pie is ONE!!!! I can't believe it....well I can....this year has sped by with lightning fastness and I have been enjoying every.single.moment. of them. The early birthday party went off with out a hitch, we enjoyed a lovely week with the man and are now settling down for the long haul....the days, weeks and months till September arrives and the man returns to the ones he loves that love him.

The drive home after dropping him off at the airport was a bit teary.....Ren asked for Da a lot and I talked through teary eyes that Da had to go bye-bye and he loves us and would be home before we know it. So, I am adjusting, my head mostly (does that even make sense?)....Always the nagging in the back that something could happen to the man....that the kisses I gave him at the airport as he shouldered an impossibly heavy bag...could be the last....and I know to shush the nagging to pay it no man will be fine...he will return home strong and full of missing us. So, I push it away and I don't think about it...
but I do leave his favorite boots at the doorway to our room....sure to see them when we enter and leave...a silent reminder of love and prayers....of missing the one we love.


rebekah said...

Oh Nili!
My heart aches reading that.
Praying for the great comforter to be near you,
So close, to feel his touch,
still your heart,
bless you and your little one, turning one!

Say a prayer from me to him
Bless his heart.

Niki said...

Oh Nili! I feel for you. I will pray for his safe return. And I can't beleive Ren is 1 already! Wow!