Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Life....How The Man and I Met

Kelly over at Kelly's Korner hosts Show Us Your Life on Fridays. I so enjoy reading Kelly's blog, watching her little beautiful Harper grow, being encouraged through her writing and her walk with Christ are just a couple of reasons why I read her if you have never checked her should!

So, the theme for Show Us Your Life Friday is: How you met your husband.
The Man and I met online. We had both been married and then walked through divorces before we met. I had been single for about 5 years before I met him and he about 2. He sent me a message through the website ( we met on and we started talking through email. A couple weeks later he sent me his telephone number and after I had waited for a week and a couple days (you know a good time to make him wonder if I was going to call or not...ha) I called him. We talked and talked and talked some more. After many many phone conversations he asked what my plans were for New Years Eve...big one for a single girl...or at least this girl....I told him I had several options in the works and he asked if I would like to meet him for dinner. Now he lived in another state about 4 hours from my home.....I said I would think about it...and a couple days later told him yes and well the rest is history...We got engaged 3 weeks after we met in person and 3 weeks after that we had said our I Do's and were on our Loveymoon. Very fast...yes I know...and we have been on this adventure together, loving each other and living in our own little paradises all over the globe for 7 years now!

Meeting online can be a little crazy sometimes never know if the person you are emailing, IMing, chatting on the phone with or texting is the person they say they are or they are lying....until you meet them in person. I had a plan and had several friends and family members that knew where I was and what our plans were as the night progressed. The thing that attracted me to my man is that everything that he wrote and said about himself were honest and true things. He did not present himself to me (online or otherwise) in a dishonest way. So, when we did meet in person and chatted that night and the next day away....he was true...everything he said about himself was true....and I double checked too....and it is still true....and I love him....I do...I do!

Ed and I at Ephesus April 2006

One of my favs of the two of us Christmas 2007


Shoshanah said...

It's funny to thing several years ago online dating didn't exist. It's a little crazy how quickly the internet's changed everything. And just letting you know I found your blog through Kelly's Korner

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Loved reading this story....Had a few hours to blog hop glad that I stopped here....Be sure and stop by and read about a miracle in our family....