Friday, May 7, 2010

My Life...Our Kid Names

Kelly at Kelly's Korner hosts Show us your life on Friday's and today's theme is your kids or (future kids) names.
When the Man and I met, we knew we wanted a family....when we married we wanted to wait for at least one year before we had little know so we would have time to get to know each other and settle in our marriage. Little did we know that it would take 6 years of trying after that 1st year of not trying to have our very own little one. Since we had all that time...we talked about names and we talked some more and we talked some more....and you think with all that talking we would have settled in on a name or two.
Well, when we found out we were in fact expecting a little miracle...the name talk started all over again. The Man is the 3rd and he wanted to name our son the 4th...and I did not really want to. Mainly because all the variations of the Man's first and middle names have been used in his family and they are very traditional names and I am not such a traditional name girl. So we talked and talked and went round and round....and decided to name our son the 4th....but call him something else. Which sparked a whole new conversation....I didn't want to just call our son any name and I wanted it to have meaning or significance to our families. And Reynold is my paternal grandfathers name...we called him Granpa Ren...and I love him and miss him dearly. So, I asked the Man what he thought about Ren....and he liked it...and so Ren it is. Ren's legal name is the 4th and his given name is Ren.
If we have a little girl in the future...we had decided on a name but I keep changing my mind about the first name. Her middle name will be Noelle after my father (his name is Noel). We had decided on Alexandria for the first name and we would call her Alexa but I don't know. I LOVE Audrey....but the Man he's not so sure and if we were to have another little boy....well lots and lots of nights and days will be dedicated to play the name game all over again.

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