Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Love and Marriage

I've been thinking about my Man...and in that thinking comes the thinking of marriage and love and the wonder and beauty of this relationship (and not just mine...but many of the other wonderful marriage relationships that I am able to bear witness to). We have been married for 7 years, 7 months and 2 days my Man and I. And while our relationship has had its share of joys and has remained...a strong and sure place that we can turn to. Dealing with unknown infertility issues for 5 of those 7 years, moving to a distant and foreign country, grieving the loss of a failed adoption and enduring a number of separations have proven the strength and fortitude of our marriage. Choosing to only rely on each other and our relationships with God instead of turning to friends or family has been key for us. Because we married 6 weeks after we met in-person, the Man and I had a lot of learning about each other to do (which was a lot of fun and required a lot of grace on both ends) after we said I do.

The keen and wonder-ness and beauty about it all...that catches me in thought sometimes and gives me this;
This man that I married, that I pledged my life to...who I did not "know" (although I absolutely knew him) when I placed a ring on his finger and accepted one on my best friend, the one I want to lay in the dark next to and talk and dream and laugh and cry with and share my life...our life with all its ups and downs...this man that I did not even know he existed 7 years, 8 months and 10 days ago.
Isn't love and the choice of loving someone with your head as well as your heart grand?!
(This picture, the Man and I, Aug 2006, Mt. Nemrut, Turkey)


Sarah J. said...

You met your wonderful Man on line and I remember when you encouraged me to do so, "go shopping for a man" you said....I got the "no match found please expand your search" response when I first signed up and although I met a lot of guys over the years, I just never clicked with anyone.
I was always amazed at how you and your Man were joined together as a couple so effortlessly it seemed from the outside, I just knew I had never seen you happier and the love in both your eyes shines through when you look at each other!
I thought I would be single forever, not realizing that God had plan for me and Mr. Man, (I never would have dreamed in a million years that I would end up with my first love, my high school sweetheart) Neither of us knew it until the time was right! I am thankful you introduced me to the on line dating world as I learned so much about myself in those years, and also what I knew I didnt want in a relationship should I get so lucky.

I have watched you two grow and mature with each other and weather the storms of life together as it should be! I have learned a lot from you and although you may not realize it, your love inspires me to be a better wife to my soon to be husband, I hope our marriage will grow into a togetherness that cannot be broken, just like you and your Man, my awesome brother in law! So proud of you both!!

Selah said...

Nili.. you once told me that Hubby and I inspired you. I have to tell you that you have always been an inspiration to me. There are times when I think " What would Nili do", and in those times I tend to turn up the music and give into the chaos and wonderful blessings around me. You have never given up and always striven to be the best you, you could be. Thank you. For being you and so much more to me. You were after all one of the two who said "GO". lol.. love you!