Monday, August 2, 2010

Time for change's time to change things up a bit. Not that I am no longer living in my own paradise but somehow that title just didn't seem to do it for me anymore. I AM however, living life by the handfuls....very generous handfuls. Sometimes those handfuls are a bit overwhelming and usually they keep me very busy....or as busy as I want to be. Mostly I want to be helps pass the time. And time...she is passing by...much too slow some days and others much to quickly! Can you believe that my lil PeaPie is 16 months old now? He is a walking and a talking and keeping me very busy....I live for naps and bath time.

This morning Ren wanted a bath in the middle of I put a lid on the cheesy scrambles and sausage and ran a bath so he could play. A nice cup of coffee for me (I am totally turning into a coffee drinker), some sweet tunes on Pandora and I got a bill paid and a facial! Whooohoooo....a great start to my Monday morning.

I've been working on a couple projects and will be posting pictures soon. I have some much stuff (in my head) that I would love to do...learn to do...become better at...and I have started working on some of it or have started organizing my thoughts so that I can work on them.

I hope you continue to visit me in this little space of mine. There are a bunch of you reading/following and I don't know you personally...I am so glad to see you....I would love to hear from you and get to know who you well as answer any questions...or just hear from you what you would like to hear from me.

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Amy said...

Hi NIli! I like your new title and your new look. Can totally relate to Handsful! You have a wonderful way with words and ideas, and it sounds like you are such a sweet and fun mama! Wish I could see you and kiss your lil pea pie's cheeks!