Monday, May 7, 2012

Art Day with Schleich

We love Schleich Animals...LOVE.THEM.  Ren has them in the bathtub, the sandbox, at his bedside, in his pockets, riding with him in the car, carries them when we go to run errands, they sit by his plate during breakfast, lunch, and sometimes dinner...and now we do art with them!

I saw an idea of making animal tracks with Fisher Price animals on Pinterest (that's a link to my account btw)...and thought that we could do much better.  The Fisher Price animals do not have distinctive footprints but the Schleich animals do.  So distinctive that my Ren can tell you what animal track it is after he has laid it down.

Oh so careful to paint the feet
For this project we used art paper, washable paint, paint brush, water cup for cleaning the paint brush and an old towel.  I  also covered the dining room table with an outdoor tablecloth and had Ren put a paint smock on.

Ren picked the animals that he wanted to make tracks with and we lined them up on the table.  One animal at a time he picked a color, painted their feet and "walked" the animal on the art paper.

Walk the Pig

 This is what we ended up with...
Animal Footprints with Schleigh

I love how the octopus, lobster, seal, sea turtle and alligator turned out.  Ren painted their whole underbelly and we made sure to press all the legs and tails and parts down.  I also labeled each of the animals so that I would remember. 

We  have done this art project now about 4 times and it is a favorite of my Lil PeaPie's.

Do you or rather your little loves have an art project they like to do again and again...I would love to hear about it!

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