Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Sometimes at the end of my day, sitting still for a few moments, thinking on what has gone by, what cannot be changed, memories that were made, actions and reactions.  Knowing there are moments through out my day that I would change, that if I could have a do-over for my thoughts or actions or rather reactions I would take it.  I would make that moment better.

Daily, I fail, daily, I have to get up. Mama work is so much.  This work teaches me, exposes my heart, lays bare my soul and often sends me to my knees asking for forgiveness from my Father God and then begging for wisdom.  Wisdom that I need to guide my boys, to be the Mama that God created me to be. To follow His heart and His will for my little ones.

And then at that moment at the end of my day....I am overwhelmed.  By this life, by the love that fills my home.  By all that we have that is not tangible but priceless.  Hearing laughter, joy, quick 3 year old wit, love from my husband, seeing the work of his hands and feeling the babe that grows in my inner most being; move and kick and have a personality that is all his own...even before he opens his eyes to this wide world we live in.  These things they fill my heart, brimmed and overflowing.  And I stand in awe of the beauty that surrounds this life of mine, in awe of my handsful, in awe of the love that my God has for me and the ones I love.

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Selah said...

Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Anne said...

Sometimes the ordinary is what puts us in awe. Found you through the blog hop. Thanks for sharing :)