Monday, April 11, 2016

Yes Days & the Magic of Childhood

When I remember days of my childhood I am certain that the sharpest memories are the days my Mama said YES to my sisters and I. Yes to playing in the mud, Yes to making caramel popcorn balls, Yes to lining the room with sheets from wall to wall for individual tents for my sisters and I, Yes to changing rooms (beds and everything) and roommates in the house, Yes to playing in the rain, Yes to decorating our room space how we wanted (oh the thumbtack holes that were in the walls and ceilings)...all these fun and fabulous memories of mine wrapped up in Yes Days and  Yes MomentsAs a mother to my own wild things I see her Yes Days from a different perspective now. The extra work she had to do those days was plenty  (hello EIGHT girls) but the pay off was giggly, happy girls and every mama knows that nothing beats happy.  

We do Yes Days at my house and they are by far my favorite days; even though they usually mean more laundry (always more laundry).  A Yes Day is a day (or a hour or two) in which you say YES to whatever it is that your kids want: ice cream for breakfast- YES, a pillow fort involving every blanket, pillow, chair, sheet in the house- YES, wearing that shirt that mama can’t stand and they love- YES, playing in that rain/mud puddle- YES, a bubble bath in the middle of the day- YES, wearing those fairy wings or a full on superhero costume to the grocery and running errands- YES…etc, etc, etc.  My boys love Yes Days. They never know when they are going to happen (they don’t know that’s what I call them either) and I’m sure that Yes Days are going to be the magical glitter in their childhood memories, just like they are in mine.

Yes Days aren’t just for kids, they are for Mamas (and Daddies) too. A little afternoon nap instead of folding the laundry- YES, leaving the house an hour before GNO or other obligations to walk around a store of choice alone- YES (this is my yes of choice btw and I say yes for this every chance I get), staying up past when you should for a good book- YES, a long hot bath while catching up on your favorite show- YES, … etc, etc, etc.  Doing a little something that speaks life to you and brings you joy are important; they make me a better mama and I bet they will make you one too. I'd love to hear about your Yes Days, I'll bet you have them even if you don't give them a name.  Look for #Yesdays on my Instagram will know if we are having one and what shananigans my wild things are up to!


Stephanie Cox said...

Mondays and Fridays are yes days. We usually stay home more often on those days and I let him be a kid. He makes messes, watches a lot of movies, eats snacks more than meals and we just go with it. As an OCD Momma, it's heard to say yes but if Connor has taught me anything it's to embrace the word yes more and live in the moment of good days.

Nili said...

Stephanie, that is awesome that you have planned Yes Days. Mine are more spur of the moment! It's so good how God can use our kids to refine our character traits!