Friday, March 25, 2016

ABC Matching with Dr. Seuss and Sam

My Sam is 3 and a lover of all things Dr. Seuss (Sam I Am...who would have thought?).  When I saw the Monthly Crafting Book Club that Raising Fairies and Knights hosts was Dr. Seuss's ABC Book I knew I had to participate. This monthly book club is right on target with the things I can and need to do with my little preschooler. 

First we sat and read through the book together. I had Sam point to and say each upper case and lower case letter in the book.  After reading we moved to the table for a little game of Big Letter Little Letter Match Up.

I scored an awesome set of flash cards from the Dollar Spot at Target and by cutting them in half I created the letter match up game.

I put 6 letter match ups out at a time so Sam would not get overwhelmed and had him pick the letter he wanted to match up and say the letter sound as well.  I teach the phonetic sound of each letter as well as the letter itself. Sam had some fun giggles buzzing the Z and huh-ing the H sounds.

Sam enjoyed matching the cards and I was impressed at his concentration skills for this activity.   I am looking forward to this Monthly Crafting Book Club and so is Sam.

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