Friday, March 18, 2016

Five on Friday V3


Alexandria will be two at the end of next month. She loves looking at books and loves Pookie the most. When I ask her to bring me a book it is always one of these seven. 


Sam is 3 and a half, he has a love for all things Dr. Seuss. He usually always picks a Dr. Seuss book for me to read to him.  The Seven Silly Eaters is his second favorite; I am pretty sure I can recite that book from memory. 


Ren is seven and an avid reader. 
He loves the Diary of a Wimpy Kid and the Magic Tree House book series. I asked Ren to find me his favorite books, he picked these. If I ask him next week to pick I'm sure (except for the top two) the books would be very different. 


If there ever was a toy that I would buy more and more pieces of the Marble Run is it. We bought the first set for Ren's 3rd Christmas. While Ren does like to play with the Marble Run it is easily Sam's favorite toy in the house.  He will sit for a long time putting the marbles through the run over and over. I'm pretty sure we have never created the same run twice. The free play and imagination with the Marble Run can't be beat.


Hedbanz is the game to play with Ren.  We play this while I am folding laundry, cleaning and making lunch or dinner.  Hedbanz is a fun game of "what am I" asking yes or no questions, using deduction, reasoning and coming up with adjectives to describe the cards.  We do not use the timer or score chips, Ren and I just play until we guess the card. 

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