Wednesday, March 2, 2016

It's The Little Things

Somedays are easier then others to stop and smell the proverbial roses; to notice the little things about my babes.  One day soon I will blink and they will be grown and I will wonder where all the time went and how did they get so big.

This guy, is on the cusp of his SEVENTH birthday.  Ren has the gift of animal loving, is mad with animal facts and wants to work in animal conservation when he grows up. "People need to know to be kind to animals. We need them and they need us." He said this at a recent trip to the zoo after reading animal stats at one of the exhibits. This is one of his Guinea Pigs, Miss Wookie (she really is the sweetest thing); hanging out with him as he does his school work.

Game-Night with just Sam is a thing for us.  When he earns a "Stay up 30 Minutes Past Bedtime" we play games; just him and I. Sam is so funny, he plays games by his rules and I try to follow along best I can.  Connect Four is his favorite. He insists that we "ready, set, go" and quick as we can put our chips in our own side, careful not to mix them up. If they get mixed up he yells STOP and proceeds to take the offending chip out of the game.  Who ever gets all their chips in and on the correct side, wins.  I pretty much lose every time.  I don't mind losing to Sam though...because he is funny and super cute.

My Alex is almost two and fiercely independent.  The quick moments that come through-out the day that she wants a "hold-you" and will sit and snuggle up on my lap are the best, I just want to bottle them up into forever.  And her thumb-sucking; I know the day will come when I will have to help her let that go...but it is the sweetest thing.

Babies Don't Keep...that's my mama motto.

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