Thursday, May 12, 2016

Ren & Sam TKBTB V3

Do you ever feel like when you are talking to one of the guys in your life they are just not listening or fishing for an answer that will get them off the hook so they can go and do whatever it is that they were doing? That's my experience for The Kids Beyond The Blog Q&A with Ren and Sam this month.  I don't know how they know "the guy answers" maybe it's in their DNA.

Ren- my lil PeaPie is growing up!

  1. What is something I always say to you? Yes and I love you.
  2. What makes Mama happy? (Looking around) When I leave you alone and I'm playing electronics. That makes you happy and me happy. Can I play on the iPad now? (Guy Answer)
  3. How do I make you laugh? By doing silly things when you check for eggs.
  4. What do you enjoy doing with me? Going out on dates and getting ice cream.
  5. What is my favorite thing to do? When you do your stuff for MOPS...I don't know...what is it really though?

Sam- So-So-Silly Sam

  1. What is something I always so to you? Not to turn on electronics. (Guy Answer)
  2. What makes Mama happy? When I give you kisses and I'm not whining. (Yes...not whining least I now know that he knows...and I LOVE his kisses!)
  3. How do I make you laugh? When you are doing funny things. (Guy Answer)
  4. What do you enjoy doing with me? Going to the bowling ball place. (Guy Answer)
  5. What is my favorite thing to do? I don't on your laptop?

June's questions are all about their Daddy in honor of Father's Day...I can't wait to hear what they have to say!


Danielle Siero said...

Such fun answers.. . I love the MOPS one

Stephanie Cox said...

Oh these boys!! It's so fun to read their answers, knowing them like I do. I can totally hear each of their voices when replying to you.