Friday, May 20, 2016

Five on Friday V4


It is always so interesting to me when a group of mamas get together and start talking about their kids and what works for them. The passion that we women have about our babies and what is right for us and our families is inspiring. Following my instincts in mama-hood has been one of the most rewarding things for me and at the same time listening to, observing and talking to mamas gives me lots of tools for my mama-belt.  Hey Mama, Yes you reading this.....listen and believe in your instinct, you know your kids best. You know what is best....and when you don't because sometimes you won''s always good to have a group of mamas that get together and talk with open hearts.


We are a homeschool family and any homeschool mama will tell you that housework and homeschooling are at odds with each other all.the.time. Phrases like "lower your standards" and "just let it go" really don't work for me. The messes give me stresses and that is not good for anyone in my home. Recently, on one of the homeschool forums that I am on, a couple mamas gave some really practical advice about how to keep the house up and I am so grateful that she spoke up. I am finishing up The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo and am ready to take on the project of my home and all the spaces. Purging and minimizing to keep only what we really need and what brings us joy is my summer plan.  I am writing out my goals for this today and will have a space/room/category each week until August to take on.  If you are a minimalist and have practical advice on home keeping I'd love to hear it!


We live in Ohio and I LOVE the all.the.parks around here! We could visit a new park every week and still not visit them all.  Having little kids that need to get out and discover, run and play, enjoy free time with friends and I get down time (mostly) too...really it's a win-win! Thanks Ohio!!!


I'm dreaming of this...toes in the sand, sunrise walks on the beach. Days of listening to the surf and relaxing.  We don't have a beach trip planned for this year...but a girl can dream.


Pretty life all.summed.up.

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Stephanie Cox said...

Your Mom squad is the best. I had a great evening with you and Lindsey!