Friday, February 19, 2016

Five on Friday

It's my first Five on Friday!
Five things that are on my mind right now...

My Ed is building a mobile chicken coop right now. In the next couple weeks we will have our own little feathered friends, running around and laying us some eggs.  I have a couple of chicken lovers in the house already.  Ed has promised to be a guest writer for me; so be on the lookout for how to build a mobile chicken coop!


I'm ready to head back to the salon and lighten my locks. I go brown every winter and start lightening back to blond in the spring and I am ready for spring! 


We are planning our spring/summer garden and I recently received The Good Seed Catalog from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.  Ren and I have been looking through and marking down what seeds we want to buy.  I can't wait for this garden to grow; it will be our first year using heirloom seeds.


Camping...I miss being in the woods, the smell of campfire, watching my kids run and explore. Ed and I are planning out what new places to explore and camp this year....He even mentioned something about buying a pop-up camper!


Have you seen this list? It is so good and a great reminder to me to affirm my kids daily and let them know I love them, believe in them, hear them and see their goodness.

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Jen W. said...

<3 you and this post... Happy Spring, well almost for you! It's in the 70's here... we didn't really get much winter. I am heading back to the salon tomorrow, trying to decide what to do about my color. Love the chickens and the garden...wish we had time to make another trip east... I have been pouring over my seed catalogs, but not buying anything with the move coming up. Luv ya girlie!