Monday, February 15, 2016

Yoda Best Valentine --- Handmade Kid Valentines

There is something special about handmade; there is something super special about something handmade by a kid.  Maybe because they are not worried about perfectionism, a Pinterest worthy card or drawing or wondering what other people think...will they like it, will they not.  One of the many fun things about being a homeschooler is the parties...Thanksgiving, Skate Parties, Christmas, Valentines, St. Patrick, Just Because, End of the Year, etc... When I received the information for this years Valentine Party with our homeschool group I was a little blown away by the number of valentines that Ren would be handing out. Forty-two for his age/grades group. Forty-two valentines.  I asked Ren what he wanted to do.  "Star Wars, mama!" was his reply.  So we started talking about what he wanted them to look like.  Yoda and a light saber and stickers and is Ren's favorite color and we recently introduced him to Star Wars and he is hooked.

Ren has been drawing Yodas and Darth Vaders on art paper for a while so I asked him to draw Yoda four times on paper that he sectioned off...

We then made copies of his drawing on red paper, punched two holes in it to add the "light saber" and added a Star Wars sticker.

The stickers came from the Dollar Spot at Target, the glow sticks from the Dollar Tree and we had the red paper in our paper stock here at home.  I think they turned out quite cute.  I love the four different Yodas that he drew and I love that it is handmade.

I asked Ren if I could keep just one of his valentines from this year for myself...He grinned at me and said... "Sure Mama, if there are any left."  Yoda best Ren, Yoda Best! I can't wait to watch him hand them out at the party (another super cool perk of being a homeschool mama)...there is something special about gifting your handwork and I know that he is super proud.

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GRobinson said...

Love it and his personality truly shines through.