Friday, August 19, 2016

Five on Friday V5


School starts Monday. I am so ready to have my boys (particularly Ren) back on a schedule. We are enjoying the last days of our summer with a day outside...exploring, chalk drawing, rock cooking, swing swinging, trampoline jumping, bike riding, bubble blowing...all.the.things...except the water hose...I can't do the water hose today. Much to my boys dismay. The wet clothes, wet feet, dirt becomes mud. I.just.can't today.  I am grateful for the weather today slightly overcast, nice breeze, 75 Degrees of perfection. I will take it. I wish all the days were like today.


There is a Christmas Market for local vendors on the 5th of November and I am planning on having a table of handmade items to sell, Relaxin' Pants (Pajama pants), handmade jewelry, lap quilts, baby burp cloths, ToDo/Done pockets and really any other handmade items I can crank out before the 3rd week of October.  With homeschooling and all the things that schedule brings I am hoping that committing to host a table (and paying for it) will force me to do some much needed crafting (I need to exercise those craft-cells in my brain) and it will give me some sense of know something started and finished..a rarity in day-to-day #MomLife.


Speaking of cooler's almost time for fall! I know..I know it's like AlmostFall is the new buzz word around here. Aside from the cooler weather, school routines, soups, stews and yummy breads, nearly empty places for field trips and's the clothes (I know you thought I was going to say Pumpkin Spice Latte or something like that...I'm a big Yuck for those...potpourri in your thank you). The layers, the leggings ( the LuLaRoe (and yes, click and that link and join my sister Grace's page....let her know you came from this post) Legging love I have), the lightweight cardigans and jackets...all the fall clothes things...I cannot wait!


Freezer Meals....I have busted my kitchen cooking self this week getting 10 yummy freezer meals done and in the freezer ready for the busyness that is our school schedule. Do you have a tried and true recipe that you would share with me? I will be posting in the coming weeks the recipes that I used. My current plans are to prep 10 freezer meals a month (unless I find we need more). Saving me time and money and making sure we are filling our bellies with whole food dishes. 


I will be moving to a new space soon and hope you all will like the new layout and features that will be available. When I started blogging again I was so excited to share my thoughts, glimpses of our days and carve out a little space here that could be my own. And then I became overwhelmed and stressed about it's funny how life and projects work that way sometimes.  I'd love to know what you are interested in reading from me. Finding my voice, my purpose in blogging is still a work in progress and I am interested to see where this journey is going to lead. 

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